Chenglingji new port area closely combines the study and education of party history with the solution of practical problems, and "takes the lead" in the rapid march. The star light does not lose the passers-by

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chenglingji new port area closely

Red net moment Yueyang 8 month 12 - ( The reporter Luo Ling correspondent Liu Kehong ) Since the party history study and education started , Chenglingji new port area adheres to the close combination of party history learning and education and solving practical problems , Edge learning 、 Edge practice 、 While implementing , Take the lead in launching major economic indicators and major projects in the city ” Expose the list and become a commander ” system . In this area “ Red 100” Party member service action ( School selection 100 Party members contact 100 Three projects were carried out 100 On the day of the founding of the party 100 Anniversary of the ); Develop “ I do practical things for the masses I solve difficult problems for enterprises ” Practical activities, etc , Let the study and education of party history become Yueyang “ Three districts and one center ” Contribute to the construction of “ Charge ”, Overspeed complete “95668” Target task ( namely 2021 New taxes in 9 One hundred million yuan , Panhua 、 China and South Korea intelligent display 、 COFCO 、 Yue paper 、 Cultivate listed companies, etc 5 A large project to achieve the annual goal , The implementation of “121” The contract amount for investment attraction after the completion of the project 600 One hundred million yuan , The import and export volume of foreign trade exceeded 600 One hundred million yuan , The container throughput reached 80 Ten thousand TEUs ) Of “ Booster ”.

Participate in major economic indicators and major projects “ Unveiling system ” Of 9 A unveiling team , Go to war as fast as you can , Go out from east to West , North up south down , Develop “ Sanniu ” The spirit of , Jump your feet “ Picking peaches ”, Move forward bravely towards the goal of exposing the list , Promote the completion of... In the first half of this year GDP 126.7 One hundred million yuan , growth 18.5%; Technology, industry and trade 521.4 One hundred million yuan , growth 126.9%; The general public budget revenue is completed 7.8 One hundred million yuan , growth 56.6%; Complete container throughput 48.2 Ten thousand TEUs , growth 47.9%( According to the 7 Monthly port data ); Import and export trade volume 256.3 One hundred million yuan , growth 55%; The newly signed industrial projects amounted to 49 individual , Year-on-year growth 145%, Industrial project contract to attract investment 306.25 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 150%; New projects 29 individual , New projects 16 individual , Successfully achieved more than half of the time , More than half of the mission , To take practical actions to contribute to the building of the party 100 Anniversary of the .

Then deputy secretary of the municipal Party Committee 、 Chen Ailin, the first Secretary of Chenglingji new port area, pointed out , The study and education of party history should be carried out together with “ Three high and four new ” Strategy and “ Three districts and one center ” Combine construction , The study and education of party history and investment attraction 、 project construction 、 Enterprise service 、 Combine the disclosure system and other work , So that the enthusiasm radiated by the majority of Party members and cadres can be transformed into overcoming difficulties 、 The practical results of the pioneering work . According to Li Jianhua, Secretary of the Party Working Committee , Xingang district is focusing on Party building around development , Do a good job in Party building and promote development . The first park enterprise service center in the city was established , Change government approval from “ Passive service ” Turn into “ Active service ”, Explore new ways of government service . All departments continue to carry out in-depth enterprise visits , Update the troubleshooting list in real time , During project construction 、 Enterprise employment 、 Guarantee production and operation 、 Social enterprise services 、 Organization construction, etc , Solve problems for enterprises , Coordinate and solve problems , It has solved a number of urgent problems for enterprises 、 difficult 、 Worry 、 Hope problem .

Xinjinbao factory, the largest Taiwan funded enterprise in the province, has 10000 employees , Become this time “ I do practical things for the masses I solve difficult problems for enterprises ” And other practical activities , The factory has built a new snack street and 1.5 ten thousand ㎡ The parking lot of ; Solved the inconvenience of their life . Enterprises in the comprehensive bonded area jointly set up party building propaganda positions with Party branches , Often show open-air movies , Hold a basketball game 、 table tennis match 、 Labor competition , Let the cohesion and sense of belonging of employees in Taiwan enterprises further enhance . Li can, a member of the United Party branch, said with emotion , The Party committee of the new port authority has solidly promoted the study and education of party history , stay “ Is there any ” Work hard , Improve the organizational capacity of non-public enterprises ; stay “ Is it true ” Grasp the key , Enhance the cohesion of non-public enterprises ; stay “ Strong or not ” Make a breakthrough , Unleash the creativity of non-public enterprises . at present , The enterprise 21 Production line “ all ”, nissan 6.3 Ten thousand printers , The output value in the first half of the year has exceeded 100 One hundred million yuan .

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