Changsha Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development: "ladder" has been built, which will have more "status" in the hearts of the people

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Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Liu Zhi Zhang Xu )8 month 10 Japan , It's the first day at the end of the lunar calendar , The heat is still powerful . Early in the morning , He lives in Xinglin community, Yuelu District, Changsha City 4 building 4 unit 74 Old granny Zheng Lanxiang, who is years old, started nagging when she met an old neighbor :“ The old house is equipped with elevators , Now we don't have to climb up and down . before , Up and down stairs , pant for breath , A sweat , Take a few breaks in the middle , Shaking hands and feet , Afraid of falling , The children are worried . You see , Or the government is considerate , Hello, Communist Party !”

Xinglin community, the staff dormitory of the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, is located in tongzipo Road, Yuelu District , It was built in the 1990s 7 Floor building , common 28 building 73 A unit 988 Household , among 60 Residents over the age of account for more than one-third of the population in the community , No elevator brings great inconvenience to the travel of the elderly .

The addition of elevators in existing multi-storey houses is the common aspiration of the people “ Anxious and anxious ” Major livelihood issues , It is also the study and education of party history this year “ Do practical things for the people ” Important content of . Member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee 、 Wu Guiying, Secretary of Changsha Municipal Party committee, led the work of adding elevators to existing multi-storey houses , take “ Ladder position ” As the heart of the grass-roots masses 、 Upset 、 Worry about things to seriously grasp the reality . Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party Committee 、 The mayor 、 Zheng Jianxin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangjiang new area, has repeatedly studied the installation of elevators . Normalization 、 scale 、 The elevator shall be installed as a whole , Learn history and practice it “ I do practical things for the masses ” The activity is effective .

Changsha has introduced 《 Notice on further improving the work of adding elevators to existing multi-storey houses in our city 》, It's down 2021—2022 The goal and task of adding elevators in the city in , Strengthen the relevant municipal units 、 District, county and municipal government 、 Responsibilities of departments involved in pipeline relocation , Further standardize the voting and grass-roots mediation procedures of elevator owners 、 Clarify the later operation and maintenance management mode and other relevant contents .

Elevator installation , The first is the problem of construction funds . Changsha Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development has fully communicated with the municipal finance , One side , Ensure the continuity of financial subsidy policy . Extend the municipal fund subsidy policy appropriately , clear 2021—2022 One time subsidy for each additional elevator in 10 Ten thousand yuan . meanwhile , Clarify the allocation conditions and subsidy time point of financial subsidy funds , Urge all districts to distribute the financial subsidy funds to residents in time , Give full play to the social benefits of financial funds . On the other hand , Try to stimulate the vitality of the grass-roots level . Develop “ Add elevator work demonstration community ”“ Add advanced individuals for elevator work ” Create excellence evaluation activities , Arrange... For the five districts of the city every year 300 Ten thousand yuan ( Municipal Finance 150 Ten thousand yuan , District level financial support year-on-year 150 Ten thousand yuan ) Special subsidy funds , Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of street community work .

With financial security , The speed and efficiency of construction will be easy . Changsha Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development pays attention to efficiency first , For the masses “ Anxious and anxious ” Major livelihood issues “ Green channel ”, Comprehensively simplify procedures , implement “ "One-stop" work style ” The examination and approval . The government affairs centers of all districts, counties and cities in the city have set up “ "One-stop" work style ” Approval window , Realize “ A window to accept the 、 Parallel filing ”, Speed up the circulation of departments , Reduce work links . The housing and construction department has also taken the initiative to integrate modern information means , Implement pilot online approval . This year, 2 month , Yuhua District passes the multi compliance platform , It took the lead in realizing the online approval of elevator installation projects in the province , Application for construction and filing 、 Completion acceptance 、 There are three stages of applying for subsidies. The whole process is online , Not once , Effectively improve work efficiency , It is convenient for the people . The relevant departments directly under the municipal government have issued an additional elevator design unit to the society 、 Civil construction unit 、 House safety appraisal unit 、 List of elevator equipment installation and maintenance units , Provide more choices and references for people to add elevators .

The housing and urban rural development department is also constantly exploring construction methods , according to “ One community, one policy ” Pattern classification of . Good for basic conditions 、 Organs and institutions with strong public will 、 School 、 Hospitals and large enterprise dormitories , according to “ It's easy before it's difficult 、 Step by step implementation 、 Precise service 、 To the point ” Principles , Push in pieces . Relatively single to the owner 、 A community where opinions are easy to concentrate , It is encouraged to be led by the employee representative of the unit or the owner's Committee , Unified design requirements 、 Unified construction standards 、 Uniform cost sharing ratio , Unified procedures , To advance as a whole . The staff dormitory of Changsha Evening News in Furong district has been handled at one time 24 Additional procedures for elevators , The scale effect makes the owners enjoy real benefits . The objective conditions for adding elevators to the matching composite , But the community where the industry is not very willing , door-to-door service , Active publicity , Urge the owner to actively support and cooperate . Dormitory of Yuelu District Business University , The owner began to disagree 、 I won't support it , After repeated door-to-door work by the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and the street community , Preach policy , The attitude of the school has changed to active support , Policies have been issued to encourage employees to add elevators , On the basis of government subsidies , Then raise funds to subsidize each elevator 6 Ten thousand yuan .

The will of the people is practical , Focus on mass participation . The housing and construction department did not sing “ Monologue ”, But to mobilize the masses “ On the same stage ”, The government and the masses are singing “ Lead ”. The housing and urban rural development department regularly publishes publicity contents in various media 、 Organize community activities to strengthen the publicity of the policy of adding elevators , Create an atmosphere of participation . meanwhile , Increase and save 、 Cooperation with municipal mainstream media , Make in-depth reports on policies and typical cases related to the addition of elevator work , Guide the masses to be familiar with policies , Carry out work . Carry out the promotion of installing elevators into the community , The work has been done at the door of the people's home . Associate with related enterprises , Develop “ Equipped with an elevator 、 Build a better life ” A series of publicity activities , Build a relationship between residents and government 、 Enterprise zero distance communication platform , Help residents better understand the relevant policies and regulations on elevator installation .

The masses have unified their thinking , Resonate with the government , All kinds of difficulties in elevator installation and construction will be solved .

In the process of construction , The housing and urban rural development department should give full play to “ Baton ” effect , The addition of elevators to existing houses will be listed as one of the ten key livelihood facts of the city, and unified deployment and assessment will be carried out , Break down tasks layer by layer , Responsibility for compaction , Ensure that the target plan is completed with high quality and efficiency . The housing and urban rural development department shall strengthen the daily inspection and safety supervision during the construction process , Investigate and deal with illegal acts in the construction process according to law , Ensure the project quality and safety of adding elevators . Use integrity incentive and dishonesty punishment mechanism , adopt “ Red and black list ”“ Exposure table ” Methods such as , Timely release the dishonesty of relevant units and employees to the society 、 illegal activities .

Hongye community, Yuhua District, Changsha was built in the 1980s and 1990s , It is the staff dormitory of Hunan Tax College , common 6 A house 18 A unit 216 Household , All for 7 One story house ,60 Residents over the age of account for more than one third of the population in the community , Now , All six residential buildings have been equipped with elevators . Long Zaixiang, director of the industry committee of Hongye community, is the beneficiary of the addition of elevators , It's also “ led ”. He said :“ The residential area is equipped with elevators 、 The street 、 Community 、 The unit has given us great help , Seeing the old look and new look of the community, all the elevators have been installed uniformly , I feel a special sense of achievement and happiness , A good policy to help the government , Solved the problem of going upstairs and downstairs for us .”

2021 The target task of adding elevators to existing multi-storey houses in Changsha in 1200 platform , among : Each of the five districts in the Inner Mongolia will be added 200 platform ( There are five districts in total 1000 Taiwan has been included in Changsha people's livelihood practical assessment ), Long look at LiuNing 50 platform . By 8 month 5 Japan , Changsha has added a total of 551 platform ; Among them, Furong district 145 platform 、 The heart of heaven 67 platform 、 Yuelu District 110 platform 、 Kaifu District 98 platform 、 Yuhua district 100 platform 、 Wangcheng District 6 platform 、 xingsha 11 platform 、 Liuyang City 12 platform 、 Ningxiang city 2 platform . Financial subsidies will be granted to the inner five districts 1015 Ten thousand yuan .

Secretary of the Party group of Changsha Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development 、 Director Wang Weisheng has repeatedly visited the old community to investigate and understand the progress and effect of elevator installation , He stressed that , There is a place only when there is a future ,“ Ladder position ” built , We are more in the hearts of the people “ status ” 了 .“ Learn history and practice it ” Is to take the study and education of party history as the guide , Fully integrate with work practice , Go deep into the grass-roots level to understand the needs of the people , Solve practical problems , Do a good job in people's livelihood . Community governance makes the people safe , To do a good job in community construction and management is to get through the last meter of serving the masses . Let residents live at ease , Is what our original heart means 、 The mission is .

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