Yanglousi Town, Linxiang City: "fiery red" veterans join hands to "refuel" for epidemic prevention and control

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yanglousi town linxiang city fiery

Red net moment Yueyang 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Peng Xiaoxia ) In the near future , To boost vaccination , Yanglousi Town, Linxiang city 18 A veteran wears a red hat , Wearing a red vest , Spontaneously form a love and help escort , The soldiers went to the central health center and Wenbai health center of the town in two ways to maintain the order of vaccination , To distribute masks 、 The stool 、 Mineral water, etc , Help people get vaccinated .

“ Stay at home and feel flustered , Why don't you come to the scene and help .”8 month 11 Japan , continuity “ Battle array ” Seven days 67 Years old veteran of Wenbai community 、 Shen Wuxing, an old village cadre, reminded everyone to wear masks 、 Get your papers ready 、 Enter the site in order according to the interval line , While laughing and dealing with past acquaintances .

In recent days , To ensure full vaccination, speed up , The two health centers under the jurisdiction of the town are united in good faith , Take daily vaccination one hour in advance 、 An hour later 、 The mode of normal vaccination without rest at noon , Strive to vaccinate more people within a limited time . Based on the pre vaccination population , At this stage, the elderly are more vaccinated , And more than half of them can't operate mobile phones , I'm not sure about the vaccination process , In addition, lack of physical strength is prone to irritability . After mastering the physical and psychological characteristics of the elderly , Shen Wuxing and his comrades in arms ran actively and guided patiently , Help everyone scan the code in order and queue up , And take water delivery 、 Move the stool 、 Chat with me 、 Escort the old man to the toilet 、 Assist in carrying bags and other ways to relieve their emotions .

“ The age of peace , That's where we need it. That's where our veterans are ”. Since the launch of the event , Shen Wuxing and his comrades in arms continue to stick to “ positions ”40 More than one hour , Distribute mineral water 900 Multiple bottles , Help vaccinate the masses 2000 More than , We will work together to build a strong immune barrier for the population .

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