With the empowerment of education, the foundation of Zhounan Qiming experimental school was started

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empowerment education foundation zhounan qiming

8 month 10 The morning of , In Gushan District, Yuelu District, Changsha City , The foundation laying ceremony of Zhounan Qiming experimental school was successfully held . future , Zhou Nan Qiming experimental school will plan 24 A class of primary school +12 A class, junior high school , The management team and teachers are selected by Zhounan Middle School , The teaching progress is synchronized with the group , School expected 2023 School begins in autumn .

( The site of the foundation ceremony )

Wu Guangyi, vice president of Zhounan Middle School, delivered a speech at the foundation laying ceremony , He said that the school will have a high sense of social responsibility and mission , Cherish precious opportunities , Adhere to the school running concept of education based on the Centennial plan , Adhere to the concept of running a school without losing shape . Ensure that it will be completed in one year and achieve results , Two years of great development , The group's school running goal of building a brand in three years . Run a school that the local government can rest assured of , Run schools that satisfy the people , More families and children should also enjoy high-quality education , Strive to build Zhounan Qiming experimental school into a famous high-quality school .

Huang Yanyun, general manager of Xiangxi area of Xincheng holding Hunan region, said , Zhounan Qiming experimental school is the first nine-year compulsory education school in Gushan district , It has received strong support and extensive attention from leaders at all levels of the government and all sectors of society . Since the acquisition of Gushan plot last year , The company attaches great importance to the design scheme and construction of the school , After several rounds of modification and adjustment , At present, the school program has completed the relevant approval procedures , The construction was officially launched . In the later construction , The company will try its best to do a good job in the construction of the school , Ensure the smooth delivery of the school on schedule .

And then , The representative of the general contractor of Zhounan Qiming experimental school project took the stage , Take a solemn oath to start construction , He said : The general contractor will form the strongest construction team , Use high-quality construction teams , Strictly follow the design drawings and plans 、 Construction with high quality standards , Pay close attention to safety production , Implement civilized construction , Complete the construction of the school with quality and quantity .

Changsha Zhounan Middle School was founded in 1905 year , It is a famous Sanxiang school with a history of one hundred years , It is one of the first batch of provincial model senior middle schools listed in Hunan Province 、 The first batch of provincial key middle schools in Hunan Province 、 The advanced collective of the national education system 、 Advanced units of moral education in Hunan Province , And the four famous schools in Changsha 、 Mingde is also known as the six famous schools in Changsha .

( The site of the foundation ceremony )

Zhounan Qiming experimental school is funded by Changsha Hongshang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. of Xincheng holding group , The new town developed by the enterprise · Guanshanyin project is located in Beigushan plate of the municipal government , Sit around 6400 Mu Gu Mountain Forest Park , The total construction area exceeds 55 Wan Fang , Development in four phases , Bring about 13 Wanfang business . meanwhile , The project also built its own Kindergarten , In addition, the nine-year Zhounan Qiming Experimental School , The owner's children can enjoy 12 Years of quality education .

New town · Guanshanyin project is located at the intersection of Jinxing North Road and Outang road in Yuelu District , At present, the sales of blank houses in phase I is coming to an end , Phase II will be launched soon “ Yun Fu ” Group , main 160-210m² Mountain view, stacked villas and 143m²、185m² Wide curtain leveling products , It is expected to open at the end of this month .

( Project renderings )

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