The whole family has a beautiful life! Free warm heart welfare for the 20th anniversary of Jinhuang will be released throughout the province

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family beautiful life free warm

For the majority of decoration owners , Experienced choosing decoration companies 、 Set the decoration style 、 Choose decoration materials 、 Pick furniture 、 Choose home appliances and other complete processes , With the naked eye, the new house has changed from design and construction drawings to a real warm living place , The excitement can be imagined ! Such a joyful moment , It's worth a long time to remember and aftertaste , Shoot a set of vivid themes “ You and your family ” It is undoubtedly a good way to commemorate , It can be preserved for a long time , It can also be used as an integral part of new house decoration , Add humanity and happiness to your new home , Inherit the beautiful Chinese family style , Why not do it ?

Jinhuang home decoration 20 During the anniversary , Grandly launch a warm welfare feedback activity for new and old owners , It is also a sincere and good wish . From now on to 8 month 31 During the day , As long as you visit Jinhuang home decoration stores in person , You can get free value 1999 yuan “ You and your family ” Photography gift bag .

This time “ You and your family ” Photography welfare is jointly launched by Jinhuang home decoration and China Photo Studio . China Photo Studio originated in Shanghai , Prosper in Beijing ,2019 In, he entered Changsha , It is the first batch of photographers in the country recognized by the Ministry of Commerce " China time honored brand ". In history, it has provided photos for many national leaders with exquisite technology 、 Refinement 、 Huge production and other services .

Jinhuang home decoration and China photo studio are especially in 2021 All year round “ Engraved home style image , Inherit Chinese virtues ” Family style culture photography volunteer service . Provide professional shooting technology and rich shooting scenes , Restoring ancient ways / Solemnity / Elegant picture feeling , Give the family a deeper sense of ceremony , Freeze time with the lens , Record happiness with photos , Let those warm moments about family photos , In the days to come, I'll look through and collect it again and again .

Send a copy to each home decoration owner “ You and your family ”, It's Jinhuang home decoration 20 An emotional expression for the anniversary . As a leader in Hunan's local decoration industry , Not only consistently adhere to the decoration quality and construction quality , As always, we also care about the living health and quality of life of the decoration owners .“ Healthier 、 The high quality 、 High standards 、 good-looking ” It is the advantage of Jinhuang health's new outfit , It also highlights Jin Huang's home decoration 20 The leading strength of the whole outfit in , With the integration ability of upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain , Jinhuang health's new packaging system has fully adopted the main materials of China's first-line top brands 、 International imported brand auxiliary materials , Let every home decoration consumer enjoy star quality decoration at public price .

This cross-border cooperation , yes “ China's famous trademark ” And “ China time honored brand ” The cooperation of enterprises , Believe this one “ Chinese style family photo ”, It will add luster to each Jinhuang home decoration owner's family , Become a bright color in the new house .

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