newest! Hunan CDC issued an emergency reminder!

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newest hunan cdc issued emergency

This morning,

Hunan Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Issue emergency reminder

Involving Yangzhou, Jiangsu 、 Epidemic prevention and control in Hubei, Wuhan, Jingmen and other places

I hope the masses

Strict personal protection

Support and cooperate with prevention and control work

Defeat the epidemic as soon as possible

8 month 11 Friday night , Readjustment of epidemic risk level in Yangzhou , Adjusted existing medium risk areas 87 individual , High risk areas 3 individual .

According to Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission ,7 month 28 solstice 8 month 11 Japan , Local confirmed cases have been reported in Yangzhou 485 example . At present , The epidemic situation in Yangzhou is in a concentrated outbreak period , Emergence community 、 Family wide dissemination , The prevention and control situation is complex and grim . By 8 month 12 Japan 9 when , In addition to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan , High risk areas 21 individual 、 Medium risk areas 199 individual .

Delta mutant virus has the characteristics of rapid transmission 、 Rapid replication in vivo 、 Long turning negative time , Greater challenges to prevention and control . To accurately do the novel coronavirus pneumonia in our province “ External defense input 、 Internal anti rebound ” Normalized prevention and control , Overcome paralyzed thoughts 、 War weariness , Effective control and reduction novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic risk , The following suggestions on epidemic prevention and control are put forward to the masses :

One 、 Active reporting trip

Please pay close attention to the domestic epidemic situation , Continue to pay attention to the action track of officially confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons , And the changes of medium and high risk areas and epidemic related areas . near 14 Days have come to Yangzhou, Jiangsu 、 Wuhan, Hubei 、 Jingmen 、 Residence history of medium and high risk areas in China, such as Zhengzhou, Henan , There is intersection with the action track of officially confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons, and the health code is abnormal ( Yellow or red ) Personnel returning to or in Hunan , Please take the initiative to the community where you live immediately ( The village )、 Reporting by work unit , Proactive reporting 14 Intra day activity track and contact history , Cooperate in nucleic acid detection , Implement relevant control measures . If it is not reported for filing 、 Failure to implement relevant prevention and control measures , Affect epidemic prevention and control , Will be held accountable according to law .

Two 、 Scientific travel , Active nucleic acid detection

Please make reasonable travel arrangements in the near future , Minimize inter provincial travel . Do not go to medium and high risk areas and epidemic related areas unless necessary , If you really need to go , Do personal protection throughout the journey , Try not to go to crowded places , Reduce the risk of infection . After the return of the journey, COVID-19 nucleic acid detection will be carried out as soon as possible. , Implement relevant control measures of our province as required , Self health monitoring .

3、 ... and 、 Pay close attention to the changes of your health code

Pay close attention to the health changes of yourself and your family , If red code or yellow code appears , Please take the initiative to the local community at the first time ( The village ) The report . At the same time, do a good job of personal protection , Actively cooperate with local disease control departments and communities to carry out investigation and verification 、 Nucleic acid detection 、 Health monitoring 、 focus ( Home ) Isolation and other prevention and control measures .

Four 、 Do a good job of health monitoring

Actively cooperate with the community 、 Health monitoring and management of the unit , Access to medical institutions 、 The nursing home 、 The airport 、 Station 、 wharf 、 The mall 、 hotel 、 The cinema 、 farm product market 、 Scenic spots and other public places , Please actively cooperate with temperature measurement and “ Two yards ”( Health code 、 Trip code ) Inspection . In case of fever 、 Cough and other symptoms , Wear masks consciously and go to the fever clinic of the nearest medical institution in time ( Consultation Room ) See a doctor , Please try to avoid taking public transport when seeing a doctor , Truthfully report relevant residence history and contact history .

5、 ... and 、 Keep good hygiene habits

Responding to the call for epidemic prevention and control , Pay attention to epidemic prevention and control information , Master health and disease prevention knowledge , Personal protection . Continue to wear masks scientifically , wash hands more often 、 Always ventilate 、 Don't gather , Keep a safe social distance , cough 、 Cover up when sneezing , Use chopsticks and spoon , Develop good hygiene habits .

6、 ... and 、 Active vaccination

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most economical way to vaccinated COVID-19 vaccine. 、 The most effective means , It is also the right and obligation of every citizen . At present, it has been carried out in our province 12-17 New crown vaccination for people aged . People who meet the vaccination requirements should be actively vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine. , Build a national immunization barrier , Prevention of COVID-19 infection , Reduce the risk of severe illness and death .

More news :

yangzhou : In a day , Doubling of critical cases

8 month 11 Japan , Yangzhou held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control ,8 month 10 Japan 0-24 when , Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Yangzhou 54 example . Up to now , Local confirmed cases have been reported in the city 448 example , Treatment in designated hospital 447 example ( Including light 73 example , Ordinary type 339 example , heavy 23 example , It's dangerous 12 example ), Native asymptomatic infected persons 0 example .

According to previous reports ,8 month 9 Japan 0-24 when , Confirmed cases treated in isolation in designated hospitals 394 example , Local confirmed cases 393 example ( Including light 72 example , Ordinary type 289 example , heavy 26 example , It's dangerous 6 example ), Imported confirmed cases from abroad 1 example . in other words , In a day , The number of critical cases in Yangzhou has doubled .

The epidemic situation in Yangzhou is concentrated in two transmission chains : Chess and card room and nucleic acid detection point

at present , The current round of epidemic in Yangzhou is mainly concentrated in two transmission chains :①“ Chess and card room communication chain ”, yangzhou 1 The confirmed case No. 1 frequently moved in chess and card rooms and other crowded places , Causing the virus to spread rapidly ;② Cross infection occurred at a nucleic acid detection site in Yangzhou , By 8 Japan 24 when , The aggregated epidemic situation of nucleic acid detection point in Lianhe village, Wantou Town, Guangling District, Yangzhou has been caused 35 Human infection , And three generations of communication have emerged .

Everyone is the first person responsible for their own health

Please always be aware of protection

Support and cooperate with prevention and control work

Unity is strength , Concentric warfare epidemic

Resolutely curb the rebound of the epidemic

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