Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives proposed to increase funding for electric vehicles by at least $160 billion

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democrats u.s. house representatives proposed

【TechWeb】8 month 12 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , According to the letter ,29 A Democrat in the U. S. house of Representatives urged leaders to 3.5 Add at least... To the trillion dollar spending plan 1600 Billion dollars of funds related to electric vehicles .

A bipartisan infrastructure bill includes 75 Billion dollars of electric vehicle charging stations and other funds related to electric vehicles , I think it's in 25 Million to 55 Between us $100 million . And this unpublished letter wrote , Congress should ensure that the total investment in electric vehicles is at least 1,740 Billion dollars ,“ Including consumer incentives 、 Electric vehicle charging infrastructure funds 、 Incentives for electric vehicle manufacturing 、 Federal electric vehicle procurement requirements , And incentives for electrification of heavy commercial vehicles .” They also want to ensure that “ At least 40% Investment in vulnerable communities .”

The congressmen involved in the initiative Doris Matsui, Citing a report by the United Nations climate panel this week , The report found that global warming is gradually getting out of control . She said : “ Investment in electric vehicles is crucial to addressing the challenges of the climate crisis , We must be willing to take bold measures , Build a better future .”

in addition , On Tuesday, another group of Democratic lawmakers said , Hope to provide... For electric vehicle charging 850 Billion dollars , But it was opposed by Republicans . Tuesday , In the Senate 51 In favor of 、48 A non binding amendment was adopted by a vote of No . The Amendment prohibits annual income exceeding 10 Million dollars or the price of electric vehicles exceeds 4 $million taxpayers apply for an electric vehicle tax credit .

The author of the amendment 、 Republican Senator DEB · Fischer (Deb Fischer) It means that legislators should refuse “ Taxpayer subsidies for the rich ”.