Yu Yuexian's farewell ceremony will be held tomorrow. Everything will be simple. The two wounded in the same car are currently being treated in the hospital

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yu yuexian farewell ceremony held

Since Yu Yuexian announced her death , Both fans, relatives and friends who love her are heartbroken , I can't believe it . I didn't believe the bad news was true until my friends in the circle and the news media spoke one after another .

Incident time , Another man and woman who took the same car as Yu Yuexian are now treated in Gansu Hospital , The doctor revealed , It's just a skin injury . Yu Yuexian's farewell ceremony has been scheduled for 8 month 13 Saturday, , The basics .

In a few days , Yu Yuexian is separated from our Yin and Yang , It makes people regret it, but also feel the value of life .

What happened to Yu Yuexian

because 《 Rural love 》 The heat of , It has long become a meal play for the masses . In the hearts of many little friends , Yu Yuexian had already drawn an equal sign with Xie Dajiao , It's like the kind female boss in our village . Beautiful and capable , Say the same grounding gas .

therefore , When Yu Yuexian suddenly died in a car accident , In addition to heartache and regret , And curiosity ? Is there something else , I want to know how this excellent actor died .

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