What is the urgency of the emergency lane?

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urgency emergency lane


The emergency lane is the rescue channel , It is also a channel of life , It is illegal to occupy the emergency lane at will , But many people are lucky , Drive or stop in the emergency Lane , But every chance , Can bring misfortune !


Under what circumstances can emergency lanes be used ?

When a motor vehicle is driving on the highway , Do not drive or stop in the emergency Lane in non emergency situations .

There are two kinds of emergencies :

1、 Waiting for help


Vehicle In case of emergency such as traffic accident or failure and sudden illness of passengers in the vehicle, it is really necessary to stop and wait for rescue , You can park temporarily in the emergency lane .

2、 urgent task


For police cars 、 fire engine 、 ambulance 、 The engineering rescue vehicle is used when performing emergency tasks .

Under what circumstances can the emergency Lane not be used ?

Those emergencies considered by some drivers , for example :

1、 Take a temporary rest in the emergency Lane


2、 Parking is convenient 、 having dinner 、 Set up Navigation 、 Make a phone call


“ Stop for dinner ” perhaps “ Changing diapers for children ”、“ Change the driver ”、“ Set up Navigation ”、“ Make a phone call ”、“ Parking is convenient ” Such as staying in the emergency Lane , It's not an emergency , At this time, temporary parking in the emergency lane is illegal , And very dangerous .

Legal links :

Driving on the emergency lane of the expressway under non emergency conditions , according to 《 Road Traffic Safety Law of the people's Republic of China 》 Article 90 :

The motor vehicle driver violates the road traffic safety law 、 Regulations on road traffic , A warning or 20 Yuan of above 200 A fine of less than yuan , remember 6 Point penalty .

What are the hazards of occupying the emergency Lane ?

1、 Delay emergency rescue

Occupy the emergency Lane , It will cause the vehicles performing emergency tasks such as rescue to be blocked , Unable to arrive at the scene in time to deal with the accident 、 Risk elimination 、 To direct 、 Rescue the wounded , Resulting in increased road congestion , Even the wounded 、 The serious consequences of the patient's death due to lack of timely treatment .

2、 Increase road congestion

When there is a traffic accident in front of you or how slow the car is driving , Some drivers walk back and forth in the emergency lane and traffic lane 、 Kasai , Constantly changing lines , Interfere with normal traffic flow , Increased traffic congestion .


3、 Easy to cause accidents  

After some vehicles break down on the highway , Failing to turn on the hazard lights and set up triangle warning signs at the specified distance , Instead, park the car directly in the emergency lane for maintenance , Some drivers park their cars in the emergency lane to rest when they are tired .

The above behavior is extremely It is easy for vehicles in the same direction not to observe the situation ahead in time , Cause an accident .


High speed traffic police alert :

If a motor vehicle has a traffic accident or malfunction , It is really necessary to stop temporarily in the emergency lane , Should Use hazard warning flashers as specified , And in the direction of the incoming car 150 Triangular warning signs shall be set at the place of meters , Remind the car coming from the rear to pay attention to safety ;

The night 、 rain 、 In fog and other weather, position lights should also be turned on at the same time 、 Tail lights and rear fog lights ;

Its He said that all personnel must evacuate to a safe area in time , If necessary, please dial the highway alarm number in time 12122, Ask for assistance .


The emergency lane is the passage of life ! Please strictly abide by laws and regulations , Do not occupy the emergency Lane in non emergency situations !

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