MG6 Pro was officially launched at a price of RMB 103800-139800

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mg6 mg pro officially launched

8 month 12 Japan , SAIC mingjue officially announced MG6 PRO Officially listed , New car launches 5 Model configuration , Price range: 10.38-13.98 Ten thousand yuan . Buy now and enjoy 6000 Yuan in cash , The price after discount is 9.78 ten thousand -13.38 Ten thousand yuan . meanwhile ,MG And a young coronation : front 16000 Users receive a lifetime warranty and 2 20% off annual repurchase gift , More enjoyable 0 A down payment 、0 Monthly supply 、0 Financial policy on interest rates , And for life VIP Customer service 、 Free basic traffic and other rights .

appearance , new MG6 PRO The front face adopts a new design language , The exaggerated air intake grille is quite domineering , And the surrounding is decorated with black material , Enhance the sense of movement . The new car adopts the design of split headlights , The daytime running lights like sword eyebrows are full of momentum , On the whole, it looks like a leopard ready to go .

From the side, we can see that the front fender of the new car is decorated with shark gills , And a black decorative strip is added on the side , The black rims and red brake calipers greatly enhance the sports atmosphere .

The tail , The new car is equipped with a large black tail , The blackened tail lamp is equipped with black decorative strips , Very popular with young people . below , The design of square exhaust pipe and similar diffuser adds a sense of movement . The third generation MG6 PRO It still retains the design of sliding back and hatchback .

interiors , Design and cash MG6 Pretty much the same , However, more sporty elements are added to the details , Like the steering wheel 3/9 The point position adds the design of suede , The seat belt has also been changed to the orange color that is only used in general performance vehicles .

New car is equipped with 12.3 Inch interactive full virtual instrument can be connected with 10.1 Inch HD touch connected large screen , Carrying MG PILOT 2.0 Intelligent driving assistance system , Can be realized L2.5 Plus Level 1 intelligent driving assistance .

motivation , New car is equipped with 1.5T The engine , Its maximum power 181 horsepower , Peak torque is 285 cattle · rice . Transmission in , And what matches that is 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox . official 0-100km/h The acceleration time of is 7.83 second . Besides ,MG6 PRO It's also equipped with SUPERSPORT Super Sport mode , stay XDS Curve dynamic control system and EPS-Pro Blessing of electric power steering system , More fun to drive .

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