Xiangxiang CDC: nucleic acid testing is "delivered to the door" for enterprises

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xiangxiang cdc nucleic acid testing

Registration information .

Take throat swab samples .

Hongwang Xiangxiang City Branch news ( Xiangxiang financial media reporter Chen Shuli )8 month 11 Japan , Xiangxiang CDC organized medical staff to Hunan eput Medical Instrument Co., Ltd , Door to door nucleic acid testing and sampling for enterprise employees , Screening the health status of employees , Escort the enterprise's health and safety production .

“ Please line up , One meter apart , Nucleic acid detection and sampling were carried out in turn .” In the morning 8 spot , The reporter saw... At the nucleic acid detection sampling point of eput plant , Employees wear masks , Registering information under the guidance of the staff , Line up in an orderly way . Medical personnel wear protective clothing , Strictly implement the testing process , Check the temperature of each employee 、 Interrogation 、 Fill out the questionnaire 、 Collect throat swabs , The scene was in good order , All the collection work was completed in only one and a half hours .

“ The city CDC provides door-to-door service , It provides us with convenience , Also for the staff ‘ ' ’, Put it into production more safely , Thank you very much !” Mao Guangming, director of EPT's office, said .

It is reported that , same day , Xiangxiang CDC is 1150 Staff provided nucleic acid detection and sampling services , Help enterprise epidemic prevention production “ No mistake ”.

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