Bai Jinxiang expressed condolences to the front-line staff of epidemic prevention and control of Jishou University

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bai jinxiang expressed condolences front-line

Red net moment Xiangxi 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Peng Kefeng )8 month 10 The morning of , Bai Jinxiang, leader of Jishou University 、 Richmond 、 Long xianqiong 、 Wang Yan and her party visited the north gate of shaziao campus and the gate of datianwan campus 、 Condolences to the staff who fought in the front line of school epidemic prevention and control during the summer vacation , Send them consolation goods and consolation money .

Send condolences to the front-line epidemic prevention personnel .

Datianwan campus condolences scene .

Bai Jinxiang highly affirmed the hard work of the front-line staff in school epidemic prevention and control , Praise is that they braved the heat to earnestly perform their prevention and control responsibilities , Only then can the campus of Jishou University be safe and stable . He hoped that all staff of epidemic prevention and control would overcome fatigue and lax thinking , Overcome various difficulties such as high temperature and heat , Continue to invest in epidemic prevention and control with a high sense of responsibility , Strictly perform duties and implement prevention and control measures , Further ensure campus safety and the life and health of teachers and students , Create a good campus environment for the beginning of school in autumn . Finally, he hoped that all staff should do a good job in self-protection , take a rest , While ensuring everyone's safety , We should also protect our own health and safety .

Jishou University Party office 、 The school union 、 Back office 、 Security Department 、 Asset Department 、 The person in charge of capital construction office and other relevant functional departments accompanied and expressed condolences .

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