Happy scene of "immigrant village"

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happy scene immigrant village

Red net reporter Peng Chao correspondent Xiong Yaping Changsha report

Walk into Wufu village, Jiangbei Town, Changsha County , I saw new farmhouse buildings scattered , picturesque scenery , The view is pleasant , Everywhere presents a clean and comfortable beautiful rural scene .“ Living environment 、 The appearance of the village has changed a lot , The quality of life of ordinary people has also been greatly improved , We all feel the benefits of the immigration policy !” Speaking of the great changes in the village , Elder brother Chen, an immigrant from Wufu village, said .“ Jingmei , Popular , The income is high , I feel happier and happier !” Ms. Tang, an immigrant from the village, is also very moved .

Changsha has 23 A large and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower project , Large and medium-sized reservoirs involve immigrants 6 More than one , It is distributed in Changsha County 、 Wangcheng District 、 Liuyang City 、 Ningxiang city 、 Yuelu District .2021 The year is to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation 、 The starting year of realizing effective connection with Rural Revitalization . Combined with the study and education of Party History , Changsha Water Resources Bureau earnestly implements relevant policies on reservoir resettlement , Under the guidance of the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy , stay 300 More than immigrants 28 Build a beautiful home in three key immigrant villages , Industrial transformation and upgrading 、 Focus on migrant employment and entrepreneurship capacity-building , We will strive to do a good job in immigration precision support projects , Painted a picture of a happy life .

The beautiful rural scene of Wufu village, Jiangbei Town, Changsha County .

Improve infrastructure , The environment in the reservoir area has changed greatly

Ensure that immigrants can move 、 Hold on 、 Get rich step by step , We will make great efforts to carry out the work that the immigrant people are most concerned about 、 The most realistic infrastructure construction , It is the responsibility of the Immigration Department .

since this year on , Qiuliang has been built in Xinjie village, Puji Town, Liuyang City 、 Yuanqiao 、 There are three temporary bridges in Bawan , Completed hexagonal Bay 、 Xiahu family 、 One heart 、 Maintenance and construction of four long dams 、 Quality improvement and reconstruction of liujiatai electric platoon to chapuzi highway 、 The road to new democracy has hardened , A new gravel tractor road in Tuanshan has been built , The production and living conditions in the immigrant village have been improved .

Jinlong Village of Changsha county is the centralized resettlement area of baishidong reservoir , Investment of Municipal Water Resources Bureau 50 Million yuan to complete the construction of booster pump house and supporting facilities in the centralized resettlement area , The problem of insufficient water supply pressure in the resettlement area is solved , Centralized and efficient disposal of the garbage in the village 、 Sewage 、 Faeces , It has been highly praised by the immigrant masses ; By planting seedlings in Getang village, Wangcheng district , Turf greening 、 Courtyard construction such as beautification in front of and behind the house , The resettlement area has taken on a new look .“ It turned out that the road was potholed and uneven , Don't mention the landscape . Now? , The environment is beautiful , I'm in a good mood .” Villager Mr. Wu said .

According to statistics , Which has been accepted this year 8 A key resettlement village construction project , A total of 2 A mountain pond ( reservoir ), repair 4 Dam and tractor road , New pedestrian bridge 1 seat , Highway construction 25.49 km , reform 2 Pipe network of drinking water works , Build a cultural square 、 Cultural and Sports Center 7 It's about , Construction of waste sorting center 1 It's about , Install street lights 262 A , Establish vegetable greenhouses 202 mu .......“ We should solve the problem of serving the immigrant masses well ‘ Last mile ’, especially ‘ Last mile ’ in ‘ The last hundred meters ’ Sprint problem , Let the immigrant people really have a sense of belonging .” Wang Jialiang, deputy director of the Municipal Water Resources Bureau, said .

Lotus Garden in Getang village, Jinggang Town, Wangcheng District .

Adhere to industrial revitalization , Immigrant wallets bulge

As the material basis of Rural Revitalization , Industrial prosperity is the source of Rural Revitalization . Changsha Water Conservancy Bureau closely focuses on the tea industry in the reservoir area 、 Oil-tea camellia 、 Organic vegetables 、 Mushroom 、 Little fruit 、 Chinese medicine 、 Tuhua pig 、 Characteristic aquatic products 、 Sightseeing in the reservoir area 9 Big advantage industries , Expand and strengthen the brand of immigration industry , The pattern of the city's immigration characteristic industrial base has gradually taken shape .

Getang village, Jinggang Town, Wangcheng District, is led by cultural tourism industry , Investment in the development of immigration industry 34 Ten thousand yuan , Vigorously support the development of sightseeing and leisure agriculture , Formed a home stay 、 catering 、 vegetables 、 Fruit picking 、 Tourism services and other characteristic industries , Guide immigrants to enter the big market from small production , Drive the per capita income of immigrants 2170 element .

Jinlong Village, Jinjing Town, Changsha County “ skshu ” The tea garden receives up to... Tourists taking wedding photos every year 1000 More people , Leisure vacation up to 10 More than one , The annual tourism income exceeds 300 More than ten thousand yuan .2020 year , The per capita net income of immigrants in the village has increased to 3.8 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year increase 18.75%.

Xinjie village, Puji Town, Liuyang City, combined with the development opportunity of cultural, creative and Exhibition Industrial Park , Invest in immigration funds 205 Ten thousand yuan , New steel frame shed warehouse room . Through the construction of immigration industrial facilities , Form fixed assets and long-term operation , Let immigrants take shares and pay dividends , Continue to benefit .

Investment of resettlement funds in Tieshan village, Yonghe town 40 Ten thousand yuan , Create six new facades , Of rental income 60% From that year on record ( Direct supplement distribution ) Immigrants are divided equally by head , Total residual income 40% Owned by the village collective , The annual income is expected to reach 5 More than ten thousand yuan .

Quanshuihu village, yuchangping Town, Yuelu District, has established a grass industry 、 flowers 、 Camellia oleifera, etc 18 A farmer's professional cooperative or ecological farm , It has cultivated Xiangrun agriculture “ Yuelu leek Emperor ” And other star agricultural products , It has become the key to the revitalization of the local countryside “ Magic weapon ”. Today's quanshuihu Village Industrial Development 、 The ecological environment is showing a good momentum , Listed star courtyard up to 120 Yuhu . Harvest time , Walking in the fields of Quanshui villages and towns , The vegetable base is full of green , Leek base is golden , The beauty of the countryside is intoxicating ……

In recent years , Changsha Municipal Bureau of water resources shall guide the development of resettlement villages according to local conditions 、 farming 、 Agricultural and sideline products processing and rural tourism , The radiation effect is obvious , Promote the economic and social development of the city's reservoir areas and resettlement areas , The per capita annual net income of immigrants has increased 10% above .

Baishidong reservoir resettlement area .

Cultivate skilled talents , Do not panic about entrepreneurship and employment

Immigrants should get rich , Rely on industrial revitalization , The development of industry is inseparable from the support of talents .

In order to help immigrants start businesses and find jobs , Changsha has carried out special fruit planting technology 、 Practical technology of rural home stay 、 Elevator installation and maintenance 、 Training courses such as plant protection UAV , Plan training every year 1000 More than one , It has continuously widened the way of employment and income increase , It has greatly encouraged the immigrant masses to start their own businesses .

Jiangbei Town, Changsha County, according to the local industrial characteristics , Jointly set up with local beef cattle breeding cooperatives “ Efficient feeding technology of beef cattle ”“ Feeding technology of ecological native chicken ” training course , Let immigrants master 1-2 Practical agricultural technology , It has effectively improved the employment and entrepreneurial ability of immigrants .

Besides , Shutangshan village, Tongguan street, Wangcheng district held an initial employment skills training course for domestic servants , Zhongxing community of Jinggang town held a training course on practical techniques of vegetable planting , Getang village, Jinggang town held a training course on practical techniques of high-yield rice cultivation and fish culture in paddy fields , Ningxiang city held a centralized electrician workshop in qingshanqiao town 、 Welder 、 Chinese pastry and other skills training .

Changsha starts with the development of Regional Advantageous Industry Training , Vigorously implement various forms of precision training . Meet the needs of the development of immigration industry , Carry out targeted training of modern agricultural practical technology and new vocational farmers ; take “ Appropriate subsidies will be given with certificates ” In the form of , Immigrants are encouraged to choose their own training time 、 Training institutions 、 Training specialty , Independently complete vocational skills training and obtain relevant certificates , Promote employment or reemployment . It is reported that ,2020 Since then , share 278 People participate in medium and long-term vocational education for immigrants , Those who participated in short-term employment skills and rural practical technology training 924 people .“ Good policy of the party , We learn skills , Give subsidies , Such an opportunity is rare .” Speaking of skills training for immigrants in the reservoir area , There is gratitude in Liu Yuanyuan's words .

It is reported that , This year, the key immigrant villages accepted by Changsha Water Resources Bureau , Jinlong Village, Jinjing Town, Changsha County has become a beautiful village at the municipal level , For three consecutive years “ National civilized village ”. At the same time, it has been rated as a national ecological village 、 New rural construction demonstration village 、 Provincial Rural happiness demonstration community and other honorary titles ; Getang village, Jinggang Town, Wangcheng district has been rated as the provincial model village for new rural construction 、 Provincial Rural cleaning project demonstration village 、 Shuxiang village, province 、 Provincial leisure agriculture gathering demonstration village and other honorary titles , Quanshuihu village, yuchangping Town, Yuelu district was awarded the provincial beautiful village demonstration village .

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