Jishou market supervision and Administration Bureau, together with the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other departments, carried out the special rectification action of "six clearing and six governance"

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jishou market supervision administration bureau

Red net moment Xiangxi 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Zhang Jiehong ) During the epidemic , For further implementation “ Six cleans and six cures ” Work , We will further promote civilized cities across the country 、 National Health City creation , Standardize the legal operation and healthy and orderly development of the logistics industry , At the same time, reduce the transmission route of the epidemic , Jishou market supervision and Administration Bureau and Jishou Municipal Bureau of Commerce 、 Law Enforcement Bureau and other departments , To Jishou logistics industry “ Six cleans and six cures ” Special rectification actions .

This operation , Take optimizing the business environment and rectifying industrial chaos as the action guide , Take the implementation of the work of six clearing and six governance as the starting point and foothold , For Jishou logistics enterprises 、 Units and individual industrial and commercial households operate without a license 、 Focus on problems such as chaotic management . For logistics employees with high mobility , Express delivery comes from all over the country with a wide range of sources 、 The environment is complex , Coverage inspection shall be conducted for problems with high risk of epidemic spread . At present, the logistics enterprises have been inspected 30 More than , Issue a notice ordering rectification 20 The rest .

next step , Jishou market supervision and Administration Bureau will continue to cooperate with Jishou Municipal Bureau of Commerce 、 The municipal law enforcement bureau and other departments conduct coverage inspection and daily supervision , And urge each logistics enterprise to make rectification in place , Ensure the standardized and orderly operation of the city's logistics market .

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