Big heart! Careless dad forgot to take the car key and a baby in the car

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big heart careless dad forgot

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( The reporter Yang Yan correspondent Liu Shujing )8 month 11 Japan 12 when 51 branch , Luojiapo fire rescue station in Tianxin District of Changsha received the dispatching order from the municipal fire command center and said : At the gate of orange hotel next to Linke University, Shaoshan South Road, Tianxin District , A child was trapped in the car , Urgent need of rescue , After receiving the alarm, the fire rescue team rushed out 1 Tederman rescue vehicle 、7 Officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to deal with the rescue .

After arriving at the site , The commander looked inside through the window , A baby about seven or eight months old was found trapped in the car , Keep crying in the car . Incident time , It's noon , The outdoor temperature has reached 31℃ above , The enclosed space in the car and the rising temperature make the child's little face red , His face kept sweating , The clothes are wet through , And then , The child is trapped in the car. Come on 10 minute . In order to prevent children from being trapped for too long , The commander shall immediately communicate with the vehicle owner , With the consent of the owner , Immediately issue an order to prepare to break down the window for rescue .

For safety reasons , The team decided to break the cab glass far away from the children . Three team members use the manual breaking tool group to break , Two team members fixed the demolition tool at a corner of the window , Another team member carefully uses tools to tap the edge of the window , Observe the window status from time to time , Prevent window debris from splashing inward . after 5 Minutes of demolition , The window glass finally broke down , The team members opened the door through the window at the first time , Successfully rescued the child .

According to the child's parents , At the time of the incident, the child's father got out of the cab , Ready to go shopping in the supermarket , And conveniently closed the door . Suddenly remembered that the child was still in the car , However, the door has been locked , The child was trapped in the car .

The fire department hereby reminds : Hot weather , Never leave children alone in the car . If a child is accidentally trapped in the car , Parents should keep calm , Soothe children's emotions , Guide children to save themselves , Call in time 119 Call the fire department for help .

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