The gratitude is endless. The main leaders of Tianyuan District express their condolences to the front-line medical staff

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gratitude endless. endless main leaders

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent   Tan Xinwu Zhang Yuan ) At present , The epidemic situation in Zhuzhou City is stable and slowing down 、 Keep improving , A phased victory , It is inseparable from the hard work of front-line personnel day and night . Under the scorching sun and high temperature ,“ Khan, ” Wei Zhuzhou , Becoming a front-line medical worker is the biggest this summer “ bake ” Examination .

8 month 8 Japan 11 spot , In a centralized medical observation point ,37 Wen Jie has just finished nucleic acid sampling for everyone , Enter a new round of lunch distribution process , In the hotel corridor of the centralized medical observation point , No air conditioning , Wear airtight protective clothing to deliver lunch boxes to nearly 100 secret personnel , Wen Jie has persisted for a week .

Zong Yong, head of Qunfeng town health center , During the epidemic, it undertook the control of several centralized medical observation points , Zong Yong said , Daily rotation , Medical staff have little time to rest . When his first centralized medical observation point started ,24 Within hours , Check in one after another 140 More than one , All are close contact and secondary close contact personnel ,“ These people can't cross , We're going to take turns into the room , Disinfect the corridors and passages after each batch is delivered .” Zong Yong said , Staying awake for many days has become the norm in recent days .

In Taishan Road street with the largest number of people isolated at home , Dr. Wu Huixian from the primary community health service center and 37 A colleague wearing heavy protective clothing came to the door every day for nucleic acid testing for home quarantine personnel , There is no elevator in the old house , They climbed the stairs 、 Knock at the door 、 sampling , By the way, take away the domestic garbage of home quarantine personnel , Downstairs , Next house …… lately 7 God , They successively collected nucleic acids for the home quarantine personnel in the area of Taishan Road street 2402 Person time , Ensure that there is no omission in the nucleic acid test of all personnel in the jurisdiction .

During the prevention and control of the epidemic , Region wide 441 Famous doctors and nurses are not afraid of hardships 、 No conditions 、 Rush to the front line , Collect nucleic acids 、 Transfer close contact personnel 、 Garrison centralized medical observation point …… It expresses the responsibility and responsibility of front-line medical workers with sweat and determination .

8 month 11 Japan , Member of the Party Working Committee of Zhuzhou high tech Zone 、 Yao Yonggao, deputy director of the Management Committee of the high tech Zone ( Preside over the daily work of the Management Committee ) lead a group of people , Come to the centralized medical observation point , Thank the medical staff who stayed here day and night , He fully affirmed the initiative of medical staff 、 The spirit of daring to take responsibility , Also told them to take personal protective measures 、 Protect yourself . Yao Yonggao said , Many effective measures have been taken for the control of centralized medical observation points in Tianyuan District , Under the supervision of the national inspection team 、 In the inspection of provinces and cities , The management and control of centralized medical observation points in Tianyuan District has been highly praised , Become a model of Zhuzhou centralized medical observation point , It is hoped that the staff will work according to the current requirements of epidemic prevention and control , Stick to the post 、 Strictly control and control , External anti input and internal anti rebound , Play the role of medical observation points “ outpost ” effect .

On the same day , Member of the Party Working Committee of the high tech Zone 、 Deputy director of Management Committee , Deputy Secretary of Tianyuan District Party committee , Secretary of the Party group of the District People's government 、 Deputy district chief 、 Why does the acting district head lead the team , Come to Tianyuan District Health Bureau and Tianyuan District People's Hospital , Condolences to the front-line medical workers , Tell them to take care of themselves . Why , During this epidemic , Front line medical workers in Tianyuan District gather around the clock 、 Fight in the heat 、 Take risks , Always charge at the forefront , Protect life with life 、 Transmit power with power . She said , The people of the whole region are very grateful for the selfless dedication of the medical staff , Tianyuan District will take caring and caring for the majority of medical personnel as an act of gratitude 、 Responsibilities , Create good working and living conditions for them , Give priority to medical protection materials , Be the strong backing of good medical personnel and their families .

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