Tianyuan District: grid warfare "epidemic" as the "big white" to protect everyone

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tianyuan district grid warfare epidemic

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Ma Jie Xie Jia ) Wear protective clothing and other equipment in strict accordance with the process specifications , Sit beside the front-line medical staff at each nucleic acid detection point in the jurisdiction and be a good helper , Some villages in Tianyuan District ( Community ) Grid members have also become warm and glorious soldiers on the epidemic prevention battlefield “ Great white ”.

“《 Big Hero 6 》 White in , Big white , Everything will be , Just like my mother !”6 Miao Miao's mother, Chen Jing, is a grid member in Xianfeng village, leidashi town , It's not just the daughter who thinks so , The residents in the district appreciated her even more 、 Rave reviews .

morning 6:30 come to one's position , evening 11 Go home after , Sit all day . During the ten days of busy epidemic prevention and control , Chen Jing gives full play to the grid member's familiarity with the situation of the jurisdiction 、 Experienced in information entry 、 Close relationship with the masses and other advantages , Efficiently assisted Murakami to complete the nucleic acid detection of all staff .

“ grandma , Don't worry , I'll contact his parents for you right away , I won't let you go in vain .” At the nucleic acid test site , A boy was stopped outside the test site because he couldn't show valid certificate information , The child didn't apply for an ID card , The household registration book is for parents who work in other places , Grandma is an old man's mobile phone , I can't remember the specific identity information of my grandson , This worried grandma so much . After Chen Jing in the registration information area knows the situation , Immediately contacted the little boy's parents through wechat , Ask them to send a screenshot of the child's health code , The little boy finished sampling successfully , Grandma quickly expressed her thanks ! Most of the elderly and left behind children in rural areas , To ensure that no one in each household is left out , Grid member Chen Jing has his own set of methods ,“ Edge detection 、 Edge statistics 、 Make up the leak ”, After each game, she will carefully check and count the information of nucleic acid testers , Make a telephone return visit to those not collected in the village , Truly make the whole village clear , The bottom number is clear , Rapidly promote the nucleic acid detection of the whole village .

“ The body is really tired , But the heart is very happy , Be a grid member at the grass-roots level to serve the people , No matter how much you give , I will do my best , Be a guardian of residents' health .” Chen Jing said .

In the lounge , Continuous operation for nearly 5 Six hours later, Liu Xiangping, the grid administrator of Songshan Road, took off his protective equipment , The clothes under the protective clothing are from top to bottom 、 Soaked in sweat from inside to outside , The hands in the protective gloves are white and wrinkled , Wear marks on the face under the protective mask and goggles , A tired but determined smile leaked out .

As a mobile epidemic prevention worker , She has been tossing and turning 5 Three communities are involved in epidemic prevention and control , From the waiting area at the nucleic acid test site 、 From the temperature measurement area to the information registration area and then to the collection area, she left a busy figure . In Xiangshan community , In order to help medical staff do nucleic acid testing better and faster , Wearing protective clothing under high temperature, she stayed at work for a long time , Dare not take a sip of water , Her husband Tong Ting, who is also a grass-roots worker in the anti epidemic front line, is full of heartache :“ daughter-in-law , The body matters , We must combine work and rest .” She smiled and comforted :“ it will be OK , Now there is a shortage of personnel , I believe I can stand it .”

During the prevention and control of the epidemic , There are many grid members like them , Fighting day and night on the front line of epidemic prevention and control , Where you need to go , Build epidemic prevention walls with hard work and sweat , Protect the peace of all families .

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