Toyota supra faces recall problem again

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toyota supra faces recall problem

This is Toyota SUPRA The seventh recall since its launch , Recently, at a press conference abroad , BMW issues the recall again . This is based on the information submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) The file of , Some BMW and Toyota products have lost brake assist .

The recall involved 50,024 car , These include 13,014 car Toyota Supra,10,877 car BMW M340i and M340i xDrive,4,130 car X4 M40i,470 car 745Le xDrive,14,006 car Z4 M40i Of , Produced on all specific dates 2019 to 2021 year .

The problem lies in the engine management software , May cause oil / Vacuum pump , When providing brake assistance ( brake assist ), It is destroyed under certain engine starting conditions . These conditions include : Press the engine start button / Stop button twice fast and continuously , Or press the brake pedal, it's easy to press the engine to start at the same time / Stop button . This damage may result in loss of brake assist , Cause the problem of insensitive braking . That is to say , There may be increased braking distance , So as to increase the potential safety hazard of collision .

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