Li Danmei investigated and guided the industrial layout and investment attraction of Jiangyong County

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li danmei investigated guided industrial

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Jiang Jian )8 month 11 Japan , Li Danmei, vice mayor of Yongzhou, went deep into Jiangyong County to investigate and guide the industrial layout 、 Investment attraction , Deputy Secretary of the county Party Committee 、 Acting county magistrate he Debo , Member of the Standing Committee of the county committee 、 Deputy county magistrate candidate he Kaiyin , Deputy county magistrate candidate Chen Jiangping 、 Jiang Jianping attended the Symposium .

Li Danmei went deep into Huayao renewable resources Co., Ltd. in Jiangyong County Industrial Park 、 Southern New Town 、 Yunwushan fragrant pomelo base in rough Shijiang town 、 Yuankou Yao Township educated youth tribe and other places , On the development of Jiangyong Industrial Park and circular economy industry 、 The development of characteristic agriculture and the development of culture and tourism industry were investigated and guided .

At the Symposium , He Debo reported on the industrial development of Jiangyong , Leaders in charge of the county and heads of relevant departments make reports and speeches .

Li Danmei pointed out , Jiang Yong is at the junction of Hunan, Guangxi and Guangdong , It has unique location advantages , According to their own resource endowments , Stimulating endogenous power , Create a good economic environment , Actively connect with Dawan district market , Improve the quality and enable the high-quality development of Jiangyong's characteristic industries . Li Danmei asked , We should do a good job in preliminary planning , Pay close attention to the layout of industrial development , Perfect elements and conditions , Stick to a blueprint to the end . We should strengthen the integration of agriculture and tourism , Strictly control the quality of agricultural products , Empower agricultural products , Grasp the market law , Active docking with the market , Build a standardized production base of agricultural products . We should establish the concept of ecological development , Supporting upstream and downstream industries 、 R & D design 、 The park management services are constantly improved and innovated , Build a high-quality industrial system , Build the core competitiveness of the park construction and development . It should be strictly followed “ Build a chain 、 Elongated chain 、 Strong chain 、 Complement chain ” The requirements of , Implement accurate investment promotion , To the point , Support more high-quality enterprises to become bigger and stronger , Add new momentum to the economic development of Jiangyong .

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