Duanlongshan Town: on duty day and night, guarding the "epidemic" line, bravely shouldering the heavy burden for the people

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duanlongshan town duty day night

Red net time client 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Gao Shiqi )8 month 2 Since then , Duanlongshan Town, Guzhang County, Xiangxi Prefecture has fully implemented the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the county Party committee and county government , Grasp joint prevention and control 、 The method of mass prevention and treatment , Quickly start the duty point at baixiguan bridge and every village in duanlongshan town , With the quickest 、 The strictest 、 The most effective measure is to build the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control in duanlongshan town .

Duty point of Xilong village, duanlongshan town

Where is the key to prevention and control , Party members charge wherever they go . These party leaders are busy in the traffic flow during the day and in the heat , Even the rainstorm still sticks to it day and night . To make sure every car 、 Everyone checked in place , Party members and cadres ask for the information of people in and out again , Measure the temperature of the people entering the village again and again , Remind the travelers to do a good job of personal protection :“ Where did you come from ? Have you passed through medium and high risk areas ? Please show me two yards , Take your temperature . Pay attention to protection , Protect yourself ……” Xiang Zhenhua is the team leader of baixiguan duty team on shift , After returning to the office after the night shift , He said wearily :“ As a party member, we should take the lead at any time , Take on a heavy responsibility . I dare not doze off even if I am very tired , The string of epidemic prevention and control is always tight , For fear of missing any car 、 Anyone .”

Party pioneer 、 Grassroots cadres are on duty late at night

In this nationwide fight against epidemic prevention and control , It is also important to regularly arrange special personnel to distribute food and mineral water to the front-line anti epidemic personnel .“ In the work of epidemic prevention , The hardest thing is the comrades on duty at the front-line checkpoint , In any case, we must do a good job in the material supply guarantee of each card point , confidence , We will resolutely win this war of resistance against epidemic prevention and control !”

Deputy mayor of duanlongshan town 、 Shi Aijie, director of the epidemic prevention and control office, distributes materials to the duty points of each village

The material supply at each duty point is sufficient

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