Sidu town of Guidong county serves attentively and does a good job of vaccination for villagers

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sidu town guidong county serves

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Ma Chaoqun ) In recent days , Four towns in Guidong county actively and orderly promote COVID-19 vaccination , Town and village staff 、 medical staff 、 Volunteers fully escort , Do a good job in the whole process of Xinguan vaccine vaccination .

Shuttle people to get vaccinated , The staff issued masks

“ Current development ‘ I do practical things for the masses ’ The focus of our work , Is to do everything possible to ensure the health care of COVID-19 vaccination. , Do a good job of the common people ‘ Health Guardian ’. ”8 month 11 Japan , Sidu town held vaccination “ Five day offensive ” Promotion meeting . To better ensure the progress of vaccination , All town and village cadres 、 Party members and volunteers jointly carry out “ Knock on the door ”, Village by village 、 Door to door 、 Find out one by one 18 Over one year old and 12 to 17 One year old non vaccinated personnel , Make sure the bottom is clear , leave no one behind , According to the principle of taking over as much as possible , Establish the account of non vaccinated personnel , do “ The stock of ” Clearing work . According to the differences in the laws of production and life of the masses , Sidu town takes advantage of the large flow of people in the market day , By official car “ Attach transfer label ” Show your identity 、 Flexible supplement of private cars for town and village cadres ,“ Wave and stop ”“ Point to point ” Pick up , Achieve mass vaccination of new crown vaccine “ Don't run 、 No money 、 Anytime ”.

Sidu town official car “ Attach transfer label ” Show your identity

The canteen of the town government provides free lunch for vaccination personnel

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