Li Sijing: stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, ride the wind and waves and control the disease, little sister

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li sijing stick line epidemic

Red net time client 8 month 12 - ( The reporter Zheng Xiang ) In recent days , Nucleic acid detection and sampling in Guzhang County, Xiangxi Prefecture has been stepped up . Li Sijing , There is no dazzling honor , No dazzling Education , Like many disease control workers in small counties and cities , She devoted herself silently in an ordinary post . Especially in this sudden epidemic , She works with many medical practitioners “ retrograde ” Front , To undertake the mission and responsibility of Chinese youth together , Show 90 The style and strength of post youth .

An epidemic is an order , Prevention and control is responsibility . As a medical worker, she , I have long taken responsibility for this mission ! As an anti epidemic activist , Well aware of the seriousness and importance of this epidemic prevention , She actively applied for sampling points to residents 、 External environment sampling .

Put on protective clothing 、 Goggles 、N95 masks 、 Surgical masks 、 Isolation suit 、 Shoe covers 、 glove 、 Face screen . From the morning 9 Point till afternoon 13 spot , Wear heavy protective clothing , Against the heat , Endure the strangulation on your face , Don't eat or drink for hours , Complete sampling through goggles full of sweat and fog , Even heatstroke , Have been struggling with discomfort , And turn it into power to support the limit of the body , They have made due contributions to epidemic prevention with their own actions .

After the daily sampling work is completed , It is necessary to put the sample into the special box for inspection , The temperature in the box is kept at 0 to 8℃ Between , Sent to the laboratory for testing , Ensure the timeliness of sampling and detection , To ensure that the test results are obtained on the same day , Truly accomplish “ Pick and clear every day , Timely submit ”. Li Sijing said :“ See many volunteers join for free , There are also many caring people who donate materials to us , Full of hope . As long as people are full of hope, they will have power , The people have given me strength , What we do is also to serve the people ”.

Such a little girl , Together with tens of thousands of anti epidemic people in the county , When I need it most in my hometown , In our country's greatest need , Rushed to the forefront of the fight against the epidemic , Perform the most beautiful retrograde with the most real actions 、 Do your best for our home . Under the cover of protective clothing , Although we can't see their faces , But you can see their most beautiful figure . They use women's unique delicacy and strong perseverance , Support a healthy blue sky for the people of the whole county , Interpreting health with practical actions “ The guardian ” Your responsibilities and mission .

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