Liling: sending masks in "epidemic" is really warm

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liling sending masks epidemic really

Volunteers receive ready masks .

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Li Xiangqian Huang Yanlin Zhang Yuting )“ I didn't expect to receive your free masks at this time , This is even more precious than the red envelope received during the new year .” recently , Lai Qingyou, who lives in Huangsha village, Changqing street, Liling City, received the mask sent by the grid member , Let their family go out recently with an extra security guarantee .

In recent days , The epidemic affects the hearts of the people of the whole city . In order to protect the health of the villagers , The grid members and volunteers distributed free of charge to the villagers... Purchased by Huangsha village, Changqing street 10 Ten thousand masks , And guide the villagers to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control .

While distributing masks , Grid members also measure the temperature of the villagers , Remind villagers to protect themselves , Wear a mask 、 wash hands more often 、 No party 、 More ventilation , Make concerted efforts to resolutely win this war of prevention and control of epidemic situation .

Since the beginning of Zhuzhou epidemic , Grid members and community staff go into the house together to distribute all kinds of epidemic prevention and control publicity materials , Explain epidemic prevention knowledge to the villagers , Demonstrate the correct wearing method of mask on site . And use a small horn 、 Mobile propaganda car , Every morning 、 Afternoon 、 evening , Broadcast and publicize in the grid in three time periods ; In key places 、 People hang propaganda banners in a dense manner ; Implement carpet door-to-door inspection and registration in the grid , Check the returnees one by one , Ensure accurate information on returnees and outsiders ; Strictly implement the comprehensive killing of important relevant places every day .

In front of the epidemic , Grid members take practical actions to protect the life and health of villagers , Let the villagers feel the warmest protection and the most considerate care , It shows the positive social energy of grid collective joint epidemic prevention in a special period . meanwhile , The grid members also planted a warm seed in the hearts of the villagers by sending masks and caring , Let the villagers take their safety home , Contribute to epidemic prevention and control .

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