Sangzhi County of Zhangjiajie City fully guarantees the supply of living materials during the epidemic period

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sangzhi county zhangjiajie city fully

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Li Zhiguo )“ Chinese cabbage 3 Jin , Half a catty of green onions , cucumber 3 Jin , A handful of coriander , Egg Board ……”8 month 12 The morning of , Zhangjiajie Sangzhi Meini supermarket store , The staff are busy giving orders to the residents of the customer's wechat group .

“ The vegetables are fresh , The price is about the same as usual .” Ms. Li, a consumer who lives in wangjiaping community, said with satisfaction when she got the order in the community . According to the relevant person in charge of Meini supermarket , During the epidemic period, the price of goods was stable , Meat products are fresh , rice 、 Noodles 、 Edible oil has a reserve of nearly half a month .

Current epidemic situation , Stabilizing materials is stabilizing people's hearts . Since the outbreak of the new round of epidemic , The living material support group of Sangzhi County prevention and control headquarters acted quickly , Co ordinate the protection of closed 、 Epidemic prevention materials in the sealed area 、 Living supplies . In view of the relatively insufficient supply of fresh products such as vegetables caused by some traffic control and other factors , The county has taken measures such as opening up green channels to ensure the smooth passage of transport vehicles , Organize large wholesale markets 、 Chain supermarkets and surrounding vegetable bases should strengthen docking . According to the person in charge of the County Bureau of Commerce , at present , The county's guaranteed living materials are relatively sufficient , Reserve rice in total 600 Tons of 、 Cooking oil 160 Tons of 、 vegetable & fruit 58 Tons of , Ensure sufficient storage of daily necessities and emergency supplies at any time 、 Tune out 、 It works , Ensure the timely supply of daily necessities in case of emergencies 、 Sufficient 、 In place .

To ensure the availability of materials during the epidemic 、 Constantly file , price steadiness , The living material support group of Sangzhi County prevention and control headquarters took the lead , Strengthen market supervision , Arrange... Every day 2 An inspection team kept on living in the supermarket 、 Pharmacies carry out price patrol . According to the person in charge of the market supervision bureau , Also released 《 Reminder and warning letter on regulating the price behavior of operators in Sangzhi County Market 》, Through wechat supervision group 、 Wechat circle of friends push , Remind and warn all market operators that they must standardize the marked price of goods . At present, we accept reports and complaints 10 rise , Closing 10 rise , Return to the consumer 13.2 element ; Send inspectors 185 people , Inspection unit 525 home , Found price violations 0 Pieces of , Closing 0 Pieces of .

according to the understanding of , To further implement the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work needs , Do a good job in emergency supply of daily necessities for residents in closed urban areas , Formulated and issued 《 Notice of issuance 》, Clearly announce the material guarantee point , Residents are passing step by step 、 Meney 、 Haorunjia and other material guarantee enterprises wechat applet or APP After placing the order , The enterprise will distribute materials to the designated site in time , Then community workers 、 Property management personnel 、 Volunteers transport the required materials from the supply point to the community , Or call the residents to receive in order , Implement contactless door-to-door service . For the elderly in the community 、 Children and key service groups with diseases , Provide “ one-on-one ” Warm heart service , Ensure the normal life of the people during the epidemic .

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