Liu Yifei also overturned? Wear a slanted shoulder skirt to expose the real figure, "flesh" looks more lovely

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liu yifei overturned wear slanted

In dress , Everyone must develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses , For example, pay attention to your body shape , Find the clothing items suitable for your body and the clothing color that can match your skin color , They are all chosen by everyone with heart , Only in this way will you lose your beauty , Always young .

So it's very difficult to keep fit , If you want to have no lack of visual attraction , Then create a perfect image by wearing and matching , It's a very plus . among , The dress of stars is very worthy of reference .

“ Fairy sister ” Liu Yifei is also fat , Wearing a slanted shoulder skirt shows shoulder width , But still sweet , Liu Yifei's modeling also overturned ? Wear a slanted shoulder skirt to expose your real figure ,“ Sensual ” It looks more lovely , Although Liu Yifei's style is not very ideal , But it shows a lovely side , It was also unexpected , Achieve the purpose of making people shine , But for ordinary people , It is not recommended that you choose .

therefore , Next , Take Liu Yifei's wrong and correct clothes as an example , Find out the secret of dressing for everyone !

Liu Yifei's wrong dress

Among many clothing item categories , Skirt dress is indispensable for thousands of women “ Artifact , Of course, according to the various styles, charm and characteristics of skirt pieces , Not all styles meet their own body standards , therefore , We should learn to choose the appropriate skirt style according to our own body characteristics , Then you can achieve the purpose of collocation , For effective wear .

for instance , Among skirt styles , There will be many cool styles , The off shoulder design and chest wrapping style can well show the shape and line of the upper body , It also includes diagonal shoulders , Single shoulder and other designs , For skirt styles with large exposed skin , It is more recommended that young girls and women with superior body lines choose .

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