Why do we miss "Xie Dajiao" after the sudden car accident?

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miss xie dajiao sudden car

writing : Jiang Xuehua

chart : From the Internet

8 month 9 Early morning 3 when 27 branch , Alashan, Inner Mongolia S228 Line 443 km 500 m , The screeching sound of brakes cut through the night sky , Then there was a loud noise after the impact . In a few hours , The loud noise hit the hearts of the public like a heavy hammer ,《 Rural love 》 No more “ Thank you ” Sad news , Spread all over the Internet .

This sudden news , Let every one of her fans , Everyone in the world is amazed .

Yu Yuexian , Chifeng people in Inner Mongolia . She is 《 Country love story 》 Medium and high popularity characters “ Thank you ” The actor of , His ill fated and inspirational life is better than “ Rural love ” More moving .

However , A sudden tragedy , Let her gorgeous life freeze in 50 year .

Yeah ! Things are so impermanent . Tomorrow or accident, I don't know which will come first ! Plan what to do , Maybe because of an accident, there is no chance to do it again , Take off your shoes tonight , Maybe it's to take it off forever , Can no longer wear , Walking on familiar roads . Say goodbye to your family before you go out , Maybe it'll never be seen again .

Yu Yuexian , Maybe these three words , Not known by too many people , But I believe “ Thank you ” These three words , You must know ? Yes , She is 《 Rural love 》 A leading character in a TV play .

《 Rural love 》 The first one was broadcast on CCTV . Different from Zhao Benshan's previous similar TV dramas , It almost completely put down the realistic edge of criticism and irony , It enabled a group of actors who were not famous at that time , Easy to use 、 It's also the most sloppy form , To create a TV version of farmhouse , To show the national audience a paradise like northeast rural landscape .

And in this landscape , The most charming , And the most chewy female character , Is the village flower Xie Dajiao .

In the play, she has a rough fate , But the middle-aged rural women who yearn for love . She runs her own supermarket , Well managed , Not afraid of hard work . She is eager for justice , Ready to help others . In my spare time , Love to chat with the neighbors , Talk about the media .

She looks sweet , A little fat , Rich expression , Words and conversation are sharp , The walking posture is beautiful . Especially the fan in her hand in summer , Standing in front of the store , Filled with melancholy and expectant eyes , Shake and shake carelessly .

Her red gloves , Whether it's carrying a bag in your hand , With a basket on his arm , Or put it in your waist , When placed vertically in the corner , All add beauty to the beauty she sets off , Extraordinary and refined .

In the whole village , In the whole TV play , She is definitely a shining star , A flower that never withers , If this TV show , No thanks, big foot , It will be much darker , Don't get around much anymore .

see 《 Rural love 》 When this TV play , I'm still in Wuxi , This was about eight or nine years ago . That moment , We have a broken computer in our shop , Watch this TV play while doing business . It's close to life , very “ Won the hearts of the people ”, therefore , Whenever the theme song is sung , My husband and I have no intention of doing business .

“ My hometown, ah, lives in this village , I'm a native of this village , Although the village is not very big , There are mountains, water and woods ……” The tune is slow , The meaning of the word is deep . Everyday life , Usual fireworks , Ordinary people .

A vibrant and vibrant village , It is a true portrayal of thousands of villages in China . It's not fun to watch it again , I'd like to see it more . I hope this TV play can continue , But , Unfortunately, there is no more in the world “ Thank you ”, alas ! That's too bad !

According to some information , Off stage “ Thank you ” I have worked hard since I was a child , Thinking , Have ambition . Born in a family with less favorable conditions , Have a sister and a brother , When she was a child, she liked dancing , Want to sign up for a dance class , Dad doesn't allow . Follow my father's request , She put it down for the time being .

however , A heart that loves literature and art never seems to put down , Instead, he looked further away . Yes , One day she gave up her stable teaching career . He was admitted to the Academy of drama .

From now on , Out of control , Work hard in your own interpretation world . Even a small supporting role that is not noticed , She is perfect , Painstaking interpretation .

She did it for herself , Also for family . Because my brother is ill , Surgery is needed , It takes a lot of medical expenses . she “ Be one's unshirkable responsibility ” Take up the burden of the family . She thinks this is what her eldest daughter should do .

She has a husband who loves her very much , Her husband took care of her brother with severe spinal disease , Willing to give up having their own children . He told Yu Yuexian , She wants to raise her brother as her own child .

We think about , in real life , By our side , There are several men with such a broad mind ? Yes , It should be rare !

Yu Yuexian , In interviews , Once said to the camera , My greatest happiness is given by my husband . The reason why she can shoot at ease , Travel in the world you love , Looks very young , beautiful . There are husbands in the rear who spare no effort to support .

But , Who would have thought , Only fifty years old , A healthy body , Happiness , beautiful , With a talent “ Thank you ” Will die suddenly and unexpectedly ? If , She won't die , I think we can all see her colorful video performance .

If , She won't die , She must shoot more and better , More popular movies and TV dramas , For sure , Absolute . A woman as keen on acting as she is , Don't play white temples , All over the face “ Gullies ” Will not stop .

But , There is no if in life , All in all , Later on . All dissipated with a ruthless car accident .

Yu Yuexian , Died on the way to filming , In the early morning 3:30, Think about her acting career , It's really a lifetime of struggle , She should die without regret . While everyone is sorry for her , It also triggered endless memories .

Every day people live , It's really like going in a hurry . Busy , Sweating , With tears . cried 、 laughed 、 I have . Last , What's left , A handful of ashes , grave .

So , In the Limited days of life , Should live every day , Be kind to everyone around you , In this life , I won't see you again in my next life , What I want to do , Do it right away , Don't leave regrets , Because there is not much tomorrow .

Don't be angry about unnecessary things , Anger breaks the body , And struggle in pain , Don't feel sorry for what you have lost , Because it doesn't belong to you , Getting it may be a curse , Smile more every day , Smile as beautiful as flowers , As bright as the sun .

A man will die , I'm used to hearing “ There is life and death ”、“ Let nature take its course ” Such relief , And began to slowly accept fate . Some people will suddenly die absurdly when a car hits a camel , But more people will continue to live absurdly in the changing situation .

Every day we live ,“ Bigfoot ” Supermarkets are always open in our hearts , The most simple 、 Women's chivalry and tenacity bring us stability and calm , Never die .

source : Yu Bo's private plot

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