How Tesla designs model 3 as "five-star security"

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tesla designs model five-star star

【TechWeb】8 month 10 Japan , Tesla with the theme of automobile safety “T-talk” The lecture hall was held at Tesla experience store in Vientiane City, Tianjin . Tesla revealed the logic behind the five-star security to the public , And invite guests to experience , stay “ Immersive ” Experience Tesla's leading active safety technology and Tianjin style during the test drive . Tesla always takes safety as the top priority of vehicle design , stay “T-talk” In the classroom , Tesla said ,“ Five star safety is the bottom line ”.

As an offline activity initiated by Tesla ,“T-talk” The government regularly invites the media and people from all walks of life , The purpose is to explore the current situation of the industry 、 Technology development , Jointly promote the progress of the industry , Build a bridge to communicate with the media and the public .

Mr. Liu Jiajun, director of the automotive strategy research center of Tianjin University, participated in the activity , He commented on :“ This activity gives the media an in-depth understanding of the product , It is convenient to make a fair evaluation of the public 、 Give professional opinions back to the enterprise , It also helps people in the automotive industry , Make scientific judgment on industry development and technology trend . Li Shunde Hotel Museum is unique , Embed technology into tradition , Integrate the future into history .”

Passive safety | Idea first Guard for safety

as everyone knows , Tesla has very strict and high standards in safety design . In the latest national highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) Collision test , All Tesla models have received five-star collision safety rating . among ,Model 3 Not only get NHTSA Full five-star safety rating 、ENCAP Full five-star rating , And I got IIHS SAFETY PICK+ Top security Award . In the US government “ New car evaluation project ” in ,Model 3 The vehicle has a lower probability of injury than any vehicle it tests .

Rigidity and structure of vehicle body , It is an important standard to measure passive safety . stay T-talk The scene , Tesla and the guests focused on Model 3 The BIW is deeply discussed , The details of passive safety design can be presented more clearly .

Model 3 The body is made of steel and aluminum, and the body frame is made of steel and aluminum , Can withstand greater impact force , Laser welding 、 Resistance welding 、 riveting 、 A variety of advanced connection technologies such as gluing also further improve the strength of the car body . Besides ,Model 3 Several in the front and passenger compartment H Shaped anti-collision structure 、 The cage structure of the passenger compartment , It can effectively deal with the risk of vehicle deformation in collision accidents .

Based on the body structure , Tesla is also right A Column and B The column and other anti-collision parts are reinforced . Reinforced A The column can effectively reduce the deformation of the door frame during offset collision , send Model 3 stay IIHS positive 40% Excellent results have been achieved in the crash test . And the reinforcement design B The column may correspond to at least 4.5 More than times the curb mass gravity , This makes Model 3 stay NHTSA、ENCAP and IIHS Your side impact test results are excellent .

Tesla vehicles also pay attention to battery protection . One side ,Model 3 The two longitudinal beams in the battery pack replace the traditional force transfer longitudinal beams , Ensure the safety of the battery . The main deformation energy absorption zone in the middle of the body , The door sill adopts a reinforcing beam through the inside , In case of side impact or column impact , It can better protect the passengers and the battery from being squeezed , Minimize the risk of collision .

Model 3 Sill beam

On the other hand ,1700Mpa The left and right through rolling beams , Further improve the structural strength of the vehicle body , It can effectively avoid collision 、 Damage to battery due to extrusion , And greatly reduce the risk of crushing the passenger compartment .

Model 3 beam ( Martensitic steel )

It is worth mentioning that , On the premise of ensuring effective collapse energy absorption and occupant protection ,Model 3 It also realizes nearly 50:50 Front and rear axle load distribution , To provide better handling performance .

Active safety | Wisdom can add another line of defense to security

Not just passive safety , With the enhancement of users' awareness of safe travel , Reliable active safety performance is becoming more and more concerned , Tesla has always been considered a leader in this field .

before , Tesla announced 2021 In the first quarter vehicle safety report , data display : Tesla auto assisted driving makes driving safety level reach the national average 8.66 times !

Tesla has ultra-high security in terms of active security , This is mainly reflected in automatic assisted driving . At present, all Tesla models are equipped with automatic assisted driving as standard , Effectively reduce the incidence of accidents .

Autopilot is based on computer vision , The body is covered with advanced sensors and cameras , Build an autopilot assistance system 、 Active safety system , Be able to predict risks 、 Prejudge in advance , Implement steering 、 Decisions such as acceleration and braking , Try to avoid accidents .

Shuttle through Jinmen Fifth Avenue 、 In the beautiful scenery of Tianjin such as Haihe River , The on-site test drive media not only appreciated the beauty of Tianjin , Also impressed by automatic assisted driving . After the experience , Some media share :“ When I drive , If a vehicle is detected in the adjacent lane to be merged , Autopilot triggers the side impact prevention function , That is, turn to intervention , Ensure that the vehicle automatically turns to a safer position .”

Tesla vehicles can pass through OTA Air software update and continuous upgrade . future , Upgraded vehicle It will be possible to achieve fully automatic driving in almost all cases , Provide users with more intelligent 、 Safer travel experience .

Tesla protects every user's travel with extreme safety , It is the blending of trendy technology and humanistic care ,“ Safety first ” It is also an important factor in Tesla's success in the new energy market . Make safety more extreme , Let users feel more at ease , Tesla with all-round safety quality , Let us believe that the future of electric vehicles will not be far away !