Liling: work together to fight the epidemic and work together to tide over the difficulties

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liling work fight epidemic work

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Liu Na ) Novel coronavirus pneumonia strikes again , Facing the severe situation of prevention and control , Party member of Sunjiawan Town, Liling City 、 Cadres 、 Love Enterprise News “ Epidemic disease ” And move 、 Follow orders , Blow the rally to fight the epidemic , Gather strong anti epidemic forces , Make concerted efforts to build a safe road for the people in Sunjiawan town “ Epidemic prevention Great Wall ”.

Party members volunteered , Strive to be a participant in epidemic prevention

“ I'm a party member , I'll go first , I applied to join the epidemic prevention and control volunteer service team .” Wang Shuang is from longhuwan village, Sunjiawan town , As a teacher, she , It was a summer vacation in Hengyang, my mother's home , After hearing of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Zhuzhou, , He immediately drove back to Liling , Volunteered to join the volunteer team of epidemic prevention and control , I came to the entrance and exit of the high-speed toll station in sifen town 、 Vehicle troubleshooting and Prevention . She said :“ Highway entrances and exits are the key to epidemic prevention and control ‘ First line of Defense ’, duty-bound to defend the territory of one 's country , Keep the ground and do your duty , We should try our best to control the spread of the epidemic at the first pass , Do what you can to fight the epidemic , It is the duty of every Party member .”

“ Hello! , Welcome to Liling , Please cooperate with us to measure your temperature , Information registration , And show your health code and trip code .”8 month 9 Japan , It was the first day that Wang Shuang was on duty for epidemic prevention and control , Under the scorching sun , The simple shed at the intersection of the expressway is the working environment for her and other volunteers for a day , Facing the severe novel coronavirus pneumonia situation , Wang Shuang flushed her cheeks with the sun 、 Sweaty clothes 、 Patient and meticulous inquiry explains a party member 、 The responsibility and responsibility of a people's teacher .

“ I'm a party member , I'm on duty to fight the epidemic , You can't go to the battlefield without a complete victory !” When asked if you are tired 、 Bitter or not , Wang Shuang said :“ Today's boxed lunch is delicious , I also took pictures .” On duty once every two days, she began to look forward to the next duty .

Grassroots cadres stick to their posts , Charge in the front line

“ There is no time to be quiet , It's just that someone is carrying a load for you .” Tan Huaimin of Sunjiawan town died of blood vessel blockage 2021 year 5 Hospitalized in January , Had a heart bypass , The attending doctor advised him to rest 1 Continue to work after two years . However, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Zhuzhou is becoming more and more serious , Under the background of increasing difficulty in prevention and control , He resolutely gave up his rest , Stick to your job , Eat and live in the unit for more than ten consecutive days . During the day, he led the public place team to the market town to implement various epidemic prevention measures , In the evening, lead the urban management team members and cadres on duty to inspect the night market stalls 、 Mahjong Hall , And repeatedly went deep into enterprises to supervise the epidemic prevention and control .

Tan Huaimin's highly responsible attitude towards the party and the people , Adhere to the work with disease in the front line of epidemic prevention and control , That's exactly what it is. “ Remain true to our original aspiration 、 Keep in mind that the mission ” Specific practice in work , He fulfilled the mission and responsibility of a communist with practical actions .

Materials donated by caring Enterprises , Fight the epidemic hand in hand

To reduce the risk of infection , After the research and discussion between the town Party committee and the health center , The nucleic acid detection point in Sunjiawan town will be transferred from the health center to Sunjiawan middle school . After knowing the situation ,8 month 10 The morning of , ZHENGZHAO raincoat Co., Ltd. immediately sent tents to the temporary monitoring points 、 Mineral water and other caring materials .

He ZHENGZHAO, chairman of ZHENGZHAO raincoat, said :“ The staff working on the front line are very hard , As an enterprise in Sunjiawan Town , We also want to make a modest contribution to the epidemic prevention work in Sunjiawan town .”

Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Sunjiawan town 、 Mayor Li Jinglan attended the donation ceremony , She said that the help of enterprises makes us feel that we are not fighting alone , We will be more full of spirit and higher fighting spirit , Go all out , We will resolutely win this war of resistance against epidemic prevention and control .

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