Women's power in the Olympic Games is the light of young girls

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women power olympic games light

In recognition of the outstanding achievements of Chinese female athletes , Recommended by the State General Administration of sports , The all China Women's Federation recently made a decision , To Yang Qian 、 Hou Zhihui 、 Sun Yiwen et al 26 A female athlete was awarded the title of national March 8th red flag bearer , Awarded the national 38 red flag collective title to the Chinese women's table tennis team .(8 month 11 Japan 《 The People's Daily 》)

this 26 A female athlete , Dare to fight and fight in the Tokyo Olympic Games , Constantly challenge yourself 、 Beyond oneself , With self-esteem 、 self-confidence 、 Stand on its own 、 The heroine style of self-improvement shows “ Her strength ” Glowing Chinese society , It also brings many young girls to break through traditional stereotypes 、 Courage and power without fear of gender prejudice , Light up the light on the road of pursuing dreams for them .

Young girls need female role models , As a guide to action , As evidence that some dreams can be realized . They need female role models to prove , They can achieve everything .

Young girls need multiple standards of femininity , Help them break away from the single aesthetic cage , Know yourself more comprehensively 、 Realize the value of life . In today's society , By “ Bai Youshou ” The kidnapped girls tried liposuction 、 Calf muscle blocking and other methods , Catering to a single patriarchal society at the cost of damaging their own health . But in the Olympics , We can see a lot of female power players 、 Aggressive players , They don't fit the traditional definition of femininity , But this does not affect them to stand confidently in the Olympic Games and win applause 、 Win glory for our country 、 Realize self-worth .

Young girls need to believe , They have more choices about the future , And this belief , Not only from external social security , It should be more related to their own courage and self-confidence . The current society , There are many injustices and discrimination against women's employment , Government departments need to make greater efforts to eliminate discrimination 、 Guarantee fairness , For women themselves , Also be brave to break prejudice , Don't set limits on yourself , Take your destiny in your own hands . I hope the girls will persevere in the Olympic Games 、 The competitive spirit of never giving up , Can encourage more young girls to believe in themselves 、 Brave dream pursuit .

Such as the female athletes in the Olympic Games 、 Female medical workers on the anti epidemic front line 、 Female party members in the battle against poverty …… They fully display their female power , Bloom “ Her style ”、 Realization “ She's worth ”, I also hope they can become the light on the way forward for generations of young girls , Help them to be free from prejudice .

writing / Wang Ruiqi ( Xi'an Jiaotong University )

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