Jishou special police incarnate as "takeout" to deliver materials to isolated residents

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jishou special police incarnate takeout

Red net moment Xiangxi 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Song Lihua ) Since the closed management of Donghe Xinyuan community, Donghe street, Jishou City , The Swat members stationed here turned into “ Takeaway ”, It has become a hub for isolating residents from the outside world , Work with community workers to buy drugs for isolated residents 、 milk 、 Vegetables and other living materials . SWAT members are loyal to their duties 、 My style for everyone , It has been highly praised by the residents of the community .

The police will deliver milk to the children .

“ Police uncle , We want milk , But there is no at home , Can you buy it for us ?” Two children in the isolated community shouted at the gate . After talking to children “ propaganda ”, SWAT Ge Guangrui learned , Due to the long isolation time , The children drank all the milk at home , So I hope the special police uncles can help buy a bottle of milk to drink . Considering that the convenience stores nearby are closed , So Ge Guangrui contacted the express police patrolling the road , Explain the situation to them . Less than 10 minute , The police quickly sent the milk to us awesome . When the children get the milk , Thank the police uncle with joy .

SWAT members in civilian clothes went to buy medicine .

“ Comrades of the police , My mother has run out of high blood pressure medicine , Can you go to the drugstore to buy some medicine ?” Mr. Wu, an isolated resident, said . After inquiry, we know that , There is an old man in Mr. Wu's family who needs long-term medication , Now the community implements closed control , The old man can't go out to buy after he has finished his medicine , In a hurry, he asked the special police for help . Considering the urgency of medication for the elderly , The SWAT team immediately looked for a nearby drugstore to buy drugs , Less than half an hour , Then he sent the hypertension medicine needed by the old man to Mr. Wu , Mr. Wu, who got the medicine, thanked him repeatedly .

Isolation without separation . In addition to purchasing delivery materials for residents , It also assists medical personnel in nucleic acid testing of residents , Assist community firefighters to disinfect the community, etc . Ge Guangrui, a special police officer stationed here, said :“ Be able to help as much as you can , It's what we should do .” Ge Guangrui and other SWAT members stationed here have not been home for more than ten days .

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