"Local flavor" vaccine publicity screen: down to earth is good publicity.

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local flavor vaccine publicity screen

In recent days, , Carried out in many places throughout the country 12-17 New crown vaccination for people aged . In Luzhou, Sichuan Province, a vaccination promotional film imitating a TV advertisement inadvertently became popular , conversant “ Earthy taste ” The packaging and lines let the netizens watching the video call “ above ”.(8 month 11 Japan CCTV news )

“ Earthy taste ” The reason why vaccine promotional films are popular , It is because it integrates many elements of grounding gas .

In voice , Changed the high publicity attitude , Use the familiar TV advertising model “ Promotion ” New crown vaccine . In this way , The vaccinated population has become consumers , And “ Voluntarily ” The rules of coincide . Compared to a serious tone , The expression of advertising makes the vaccinated people no longer feel forced to face pressure , Their consciousness and enthusiasm naturally soared . And in the promotional film ,“ 100% genuine licensed goods ”“ No middlemen to make the difference , Gift value VIP package ” etc. “ Earthy taste ” Advertising words , Seize the consumer psychology , It is also for people's vaccination enthusiasm “ Add a fire ”. As netizens commented ,“ The most earthy is the most classic ”.

In terms of wording , Abandoned the stereotyped official document expression , Adopt the popular network “ surfing ” term . The promotional film is interspersed with interviews after vaccination by parents and children in the form of a small theater ,“ Restoring ancient ways ” Your painting style makes people laugh . and “ Mom's big son ”“ Human high-quality teenagers only need this step ” etc. “ Surf the crest of the waves ” The hot words on the Internet also add a bit of playfulness to the promotional film , It greatly shortens the distance from the public .

In terms of visual effect , Color fonts and large font sizes can also quickly catch the attention of the public , use “ Brainwashing ” The special effects make the publicity approachable . In this way, it fits the communication logic of the Internet , Use stimulating visual effects to urge the audience to pay attention to and accept the information .

“ Earthy taste ” The popularity of vaccine promotional films has explored new ideas for vaccine promotion and vaccination . In order to promote vaccine in China with a large population , All governments “ Each shows his power ”: There was community vaccination before, giving rice and peanut oil , There is a wall banner behind “ Let's get the vaccine together , Let's get together ”、 Rural trumpet fancy adapted dialect . And this “ Earthy taste ” The birth of the promotional film takes the TV advertisement as the template , It has applied a wealth of cases and network hot words , Dispelling seriousness , Add interest .

Publicity of grounding gas , On the one hand, it has stimulated the enthusiasm of the people with lively expression and expression , Mobilize people for vaccination , On the other hand, it innovates the promotion idea , It has helped promote vaccination publicity .

writing / Wang Zhaoxin ( Guangxi University )

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