On the Double Seventh Festival, how can young people inherit the traditional sense of ceremony?

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double seventh festival young people

writing / Yan Qi

The social survey center of China Youth Daily through the questionnaire network , Yes 1540 Respondents conducted “ Tanabata survey ” Show ,77.4% Of the respondents will confess on Tanabata . It is worth noting that , only 17.3% Of the respondents will learn and experience the traditional culture and customs of Tanabata .(8 month 12 Japan 《 China youth daily 》)

8 month 14 The day falls on Tanabata , Nearly 80% of the respondents confessed on Tanabata , It shows that contemporary young people expect to make good use of the strong atmosphere of traditional festivals , Empowering love , It also shows that contemporary young people attach importance to and recognize traditional festivals . Happy holidays are good , But the modern Tanabata Festival has developed to this day , We should start from the past “ formalization ” trend “ Refine ”. Contemporary young people bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance , Call on us to continue to tap the cultural connotation of traditional festivals .

Many people habitually treat “ Tanabata Festival ” Called China's “ Valentine's Day ”. actually , Tanabata Festival is also called Qiqiao Festival , In AD 8 It began to be popularized in the Western Han Dynasty years ago . Valentine's Day is actually called St. Valentine's Day , Originated in... Ad 270 Years later, the Roman Empire . In terms of time , Tanabata Festival has a longer history , Culture means more profound . take “ St. Valentine's Day ” Called western “ Tanabata Festival ” It is not an exaggeration . Entering the second decade of the 21st century , The wrong Valentine's Day is from the beginning , It should be changed .

Speaking of holidays , Many young people are keen on walking to eat 、 The movie 、 flower 、 Giving gifts like this “ Old ways ”. Can stand in the era of experience economy , Copy foreign “ Valentine's Day ” habit , Can't meet the increasingly rich love needs . Actually , Spend the fragrant bridge together 、 Catch dew 、 Worship sister Qi and other traditional Tanabata ceremonies , It can also bring a full sense of Festival ceremony to young men and women . Grab the water purification video 、 Tie a red head rope 、 Girl shampoo and other holiday forms , It must be possible to activate more “ High appearance reaction ”. Less than 20% of the respondents are willing to experience the traditional culture and customs of Tanabata , It's a little less .

“ Traditional is also fashionable .” Contemporary young people cannot ignore the romantic charm of traditional festivals . As long as we dig into cultural customs , Combine today's romantic culture with traditional romantic customs , Fully expand the cultural meaning of traditional festivals , It is bound to bring rich romantic experience . A romantic traditional festival with a variety of rituals , The business value it creates , No comparison 2 month 14 Less days . Whether from culture 、 From the perspective of economic and social development , The benefits of expanding Tanabata culture will not be less .

It is suggested that relevant enterprises 、 merchants 、 Cultural unit , Can make good use of the current good opportunity for the development of Chinese traditional culture , For the best “ Tanabata Festival ” Pour more creativity , Create more new festivals and customs that can meet the demands of young people , Drive the rich development of traditional festivals .

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