Deceive the audience for traffic, and the brain is in the wrong place

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deceive audience traffic brain wrong

writing / Miao Zhixing

The female anchor of a short video platform was followed by a stranger in red with long hair , Crying for help from netizens in the live studio . Many netizens who don't know the truth have dialed 110 Call the police . Shenzhen Longgang police quickly dispatched police to launch a carpet search , Finally, it was found out that this was a farce directed and performed by the female anchor in order to attract traffic .8 month 4 Japan , The female anchor and her accomplices were detained by the police according to law for disturbing public order .(8 month 10 Japan 《 Guangzhou daily 》)

It's not hard to find out , There is actually the same routine behind such events , The main routine is to create a thing that can resonate with everyone by means of fabrication , To get attention , Made up before “ Malicious occupation of parking space ” One thing “ Sister ton ” So it is , The same is true of this involved anchor . Actually , There's nothing wrong with trying to earn traffic , however , Their routine is in the wrong place . Using such low-level , Boring ways to make money , In essence , In fact, it is a kind of simple compassion of the consumer public 、 A sense of justice and the act of selling anxiety , It has greatly dispelled the social trust , Wasted public resources , In person , To society , It's all hurt . Just imagine , I saw it on the Internet for three days “ Tracked ” The news of , How can people live and work in peace and contentment , How can you work and live steadily , Sense of belonging 、 Where will the sense of security come from ? This thing seems small , In fact, it has seriously disturbed social order , It is also normal to be detained by the police , It's all up to you .

Make money by making up your own story , So the punishment is not two together , What is worth asking is , Why is it still forbidden ? And the anchor broke the rules one after another ? Could it be that they are not even afraid of detention ? Maybe this information can give us the answer ——《2021 Research Report on the development of online audiovisual in China 》 Show , By 2020 year 12 month , The scale of network audio-visual users in China is up to 9.44 Billion ,2020 In, the scale of network audio-visual industry broke 6000 One hundred million yuan . Internet business is now like a big cake , Everyone wants a piece of it , To get it , It's inevitable that someone will move “ Crooked mind ”. in the final analysis , The reason why this phenomenon is repeated , Or because it's inside “ There are sweets ”. Even if detained , But I still made money , Come out in a few days , You can continue to think about how “ rich ”.

therefore , At the end of the day , In order to really prevent such incidents from happening again , One side , The network platform shall do a good job in the patrol and management of the live broadcasting room , Timely investigate and deal with problems found . On the other hand , The platform may also wish to adopt substantive methods such as closure and prohibition for punishment . In a word , To prevent the offender from getting any benefit from the illegal act . So down , Naturally, no anchor is willing to do so .

Today's Internet Society “ Traffic is king. ”, But there is no original sin , The sin lies in people who are greedy for profit , When someone can't control traffic well , When you can't be self disciplined , Relevant functional departments and platforms should conduct appropriate heteronomy , That's the only way ,“ Traffic ” This beast can be really managed 、 manage .

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