From 402km / 59800 yuan, Xinte automobile launched young guangxiaoxin

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402km km yuan xinte automobile

8 month 12 Japan , Xinte automobile held the latest strategy press conference , And with a new team 、 New faces back to the market , At the same time, it also announced a new product plan . One of them launched a new model on the spot —YOUNG Guang Xiaoxin , And provide “S400” and “L400” These two models , The official guide prices are 5.98 Million and $ 6.58 Ten thousand yuan .

New special YOUNG Guangxiaoxin is a micro pure electric vehicle , It adopts a small appearance , And equipped with Xiaoxin intelligent voice /OTA Online upgrade / Remote control ,NEDC Mileage to 402km, It is equipped with DC fast charging as standard , Only 36 The battery can be charged to... In minutes 80%, It also provides 230L Luggage compartment loading space .

At the press conference , Xinte automobile also carried out the brand experience store “ Electric house ” New name of , And said that the brand will adopt “DTC” Pattern , Face the user , And take the needs of users as the driving force , Provide a range of services , This is also one of the brand's strategies .

At the big market level , Xinte automobile official said , China's new energy vehicles will grow explosively in the future ,A0+A00 Year-on-year growth 126%, tiny / The growth rate of small electric vehicles is the highest , At the same time, the sinking market will be a blue ocean , Therefore, Xinte automobile also sets the target core users as 3-4 Line ordinary users . in addition , In other product layouts , Suntech also plans to be based on A0 Class pure electric models expand a series of markets , For example, pure electric travel service 、 Commercial application models, etc .

Financing , Xinte automobile official said that a new round of financing has been completed , Invested by Shanghai Hemu Technology , At the same time, the brand will be “DOCK” Mode resurrected , From R & D / manufacture / service / The user reboots on four ports . such as , The company will adopt OEM mode , Use the abundant capacity of other brands for production , On user side , The brand will use big data technology to analyze brand demand , Digital marketing .

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