A brief defeat? Weilai automobile is opening the "new script"

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brief defeat weilai automobile opening

[ Car home   industry ]  Just past 7 month , For Wei Lai, it seems to be a “ rob ”.

The first is Wei Lai's delivery “ Stall ”. Although from the whole second quarter , Weilai's delivery volume increased slightly month on month 9%, But compared with the past year , This increase is almost negligible . It is also because of the slowdown in sales , Xiaopeng car and ideal car are in 7 For the first time in terms of monthly delivery .

meanwhile , Wei Lai also frequently exposed unfriendly information ―― The first fatal spontaneous combustion accident occurred , Car owners' complaints about seat design defects , High end clubs are accused of “ Like MLM ” etc. .

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For having experienced “ Darkest hour ” For Wei Lai , these “ trouble ” Maybe it's just a little fuss , But the competition of new energy vehicles is intensifying , Wei to CEO Li Bin once said ,“2019 - 2024 year , China's auto industry is in ‘ Qualification Heat ’ in .”

Even the head echelon , Every turning point brings uncertainty . Next , How will Wei Lai deal with ? From the information released by Li Bin at the second quarter earnings meeting , Weilai “ future ” It's coming out of the water step by step .

New plan : To be delivered next year 3 New models

From the second quarter results , Weilai's net loss is 5.87 RMB 100 million , Compared with the first quarter, it has increased . If you just maintain the status quo , Weilai wants to turn losses into profits , There seems to be a long way to go .( Click to view the second quarter financial report of Weilai

 Wei to Wei to ET7 2021 paragraph 100kWh First edition

Wei to ET7( Parameters | inquiry )』

How to get out of this dilemma ? A saying in the industry is ,“ Or rely on a model that can detonate the market in the future , Or Weilai greatly drives sales through price reduction .”

If the investment market is “ sales ” Set competitiveness , That ideal ONE Just one model in 7 In June, it rushed to the first position of sales volume of new forces of car making , It's a hit ; The cumulative sales volume of byadhan in the first anniversary of its listing has exceeded 10 Thousands of cars , It's also popular ; Tesla is ,Model 3 consecutive 4 Last month's sales were 2 More than ten thousand .

Compared with these popular models , At present, Weilai ES8、ES6 and EC6 The market performance of is slightly flat . According to Li Bin, it is ,“ Different car companies have different strategies , Weilai hopes to provide users with a limited variety of models , Make a balance between different models .”

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『 Sales of three models of Weilai in recent two years 』

Regarding this , Wei Lai played his first card ―― It will be delivered next year 3 Based on NT2.0 New models of technology platform .

According to Li Bin ,NT2.0 First, in the ET7 Carry on , The other two new models will be announced in due course . One car will be priced slightly lower than all current products , It is the lowest price model of Weilai brand .

before , Relevant sources disclosed that , Wei Lai is pushing “ Constellation plan ”. Weilai plans to create a product called Gemini( Chinese name Gemini ) The new car , The annual output of this model is expected to reach 6 Thousands of cars . According to the trademark registered by Weilai earlier and the competitive products in the current market , Guess this model may be ES7.

After communicating with industry insiders close to Weilai automobile project , The car house has also been confirmed . Weilai plans to further push “Pegasus”、“Aries”、“Orion” Products such as , These cars correspond to constellation names .“ These products will be developed simultaneously in Hefei and Shanghai .”

earlier , Li Bin talked about “ The average selling price of Weilai is 43.37 RMB 10,000 yuan , Than BMW 、 The average selling price of Audi is high ”. Subtext is , At the same time of high selling price , It also blocks some consumers out of the door .

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New brand : Provide products at a lower price than Tesla

Although Li Bin said frankly that a certain model “ Lowest price ”, But in view of Weilai's long-term high-end positioning , Guess the price won't be too low . To compete for more market share , Wei Lai must play the second important card ―― Launch a new brand .

“ New brand ” Message in 7 There will be news at the end of the month , But this time it was officially announced . Li Bin said ,“ Weilai's preparations for entering the mass market have also been accelerated . We will enter the mass market through new brands , At present, a core team has been established , Took an important step .”

The new brand is similar to Audi - The public 、 lexus - Toyota's relationship . In view of the recent news that Weilai will launch 3 Ten thousand yuan of micro electric vehicles , Li Bin made it clear that ,“ Our new brand will not enter Wuling macro market segment . We hope to provide better service , Provide products at a lower price than Tesla .”

The above insiders told Auto Home ,“3 Ten thousand is true , It's just dollars , Not RMB .”

In the Chinese market , Currently in “10 ten thousand -20 Ten thousand yuan range “ Our electric vehicles are still in a blank period , This market segment may become a new competitive highland .“ Price butcher ” Tesla is ready to try , Zhu Xiaotong, President of Tesla China, revealed , Tesla is developing a mass market model , Estimated starting price 16 Ten thousand yuan .

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Weilai automobile launches a new brand , Go down to the public , It plays the same way as Tesla , Both enter the new energy vehicle market with high-end products , In getting word of mouth , After establishing the brand image , In order to further expand the market share of new energy vehicles , Launch more people-friendly mass products .

But unlike Tesla , The selling point of Weilai in high-end is the attribute of its user service . If you launch a reduced price model like Tesla , The service content is bound to be compressed , Even provide differentiated services for different user groups . Once that happens , The social atmosphere tends to collapse . therefore , It is natural for Weilai to establish a new brand .

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Combined boxing : When is the end of capital investment ?

Build a new brand , Launch several new models , This series of combined punches improve sales of Weilai , Increasing market share will undoubtedly bring a lot of help , But it also faces more challenges .

First , With the increase of vehicle delivery , Weilai's sales cost is also increasing . Wei Lai Yu 2021 The cost of sales in the second quarter of the year was 68.74 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year growth 101.8%, rose 6.9%.

Due to the high-end positioning , At the channel level , Weilai's marketing and experience stores need huge investment .2019 Second half year to 2020 In the first half of , Wei Lai once targeted NIO Space Open the franchise mode , In the second quarter conference call , Li Bin said frankly ,“ For administrative reasons ,NIO Space Since the third quarter of last year, it has completely changed to the direct sales mode . thereafter , Wei to NIO House and NIO Space Completely adopt the direct marketing mode .”

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in order to “ Make it easier to power up than to refuel ”, Weilai has accelerated the layout of the replacement power station , Plan from the beginning of the year 500 Station increased to 700 standing , And plan 2025 Years of implementation 4000 Layout of the exchange station . With the increasing number of users , The greater the service cost and pressure , More money needs to be invested to fill the hole .

meanwhile , Investment in more models , It also means more R & D expenses . The second quarter begins , Weilai will gradually speed up its research and development .” Three new models will be delivered next year , There will be more models in the next year .” Li Bin said ,“ From the third quarter , The company's R & D expenses will increase significantly , The annual R & D expenditure plan is 50 RMB 100 million .”

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『 R & D investment of Weilai automobile in recent two years 』

In order to let Wei come NAD Fully surmount the market mainstream autopilot system , Talent is also a large amount of capital investment , To 2021 By the end of year , Weilai's R & D team will double the size of the beginning of the year .

“ At present, the team size related to automatic driving is 500 Left and right , Will increase by the end of the year 300 people , achieve 800 Human scale .” Li Bin stressed , Weilai's autonomous driving organizational structure is different from that of other companies , There are four VP Report to me , From hardware to operating system to algorithm to system integration and operation .

At this earnings meeting , Li Bin also introduced the overseas team .“ Weilai will adhere to the concept of user enterprise when entering various new markets , Put the user experience and interests first , This principle is valid in every market .“

It also means that , Velai will also provide mobile service vehicles in Norway 、 High end services such as door-to-door pick-up and delivery of cars . Norway, as a Nordic developed country , Labor costs are extremely expensive . According to the report of the International Labour Organization , The average monthly income of Norwegians 4431 euro / month ( renminbi 34614 element / month ). It is reported that , Weilai Norwegian team has 40 people , Whether it can be copied on a large scale in the future, such as domestic “ Bottom fishing ” The service remains to be seen .

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Besides , Norway is just Wei Lai's first stop overseas . Velai has appointed Europe in the second quarter CEO, For the next few years , Weilai will also enter other European countries and regions , And introduce the car of the second generation platform of Weilai . According to Li Bin ,“ The gross profit margin of the second generation platform is expected to reach 25%.”

In terms of gross profit margin , Although since 2020 From the second quarter of , Weilai's gross profit margin has changed from negative to positive , The gross profit margin of the whole vehicle in the second quarter was 20.3%, But unprofitable companies still need to burn a lot of money to operate . New forces such as Weilai have experienced the crisis of cash flow shortage before , Even if the account is now well funded , Nor does it mean that these enterprises have entered the safety zone .

Li Bin once again stressed , Wei Lai is going to be “ The brand that users are most satisfied with ”. This positioning is doomed to invest more money than other car companies , In a good environment , Reserve funds are a routine operation . On the day of Weilai's second quarter earnings call , Ideal car officially landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , Not long ago, Xiaopeng automobile also returned to Hong Kong for listing , When did Wei come “ get home ” Well ?( writing / Car home Peng Fei )

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