In the express of auto sales list in July, Langyi fell out of the top three, and the sales of Toyota RAV4 exceeded that of Chang'an cs75

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express auto sales list july

scorching summer sun , The car market did not usher in prosperity with the rise of temperature , Instead, there was a year-on-year month on month decline . According to the latest sales data released by the passenger Association , stay 7 The sales volume of passenger car market in June was 150 Thousands of cars , Year on year drop 6.2%, Decline in chain ratio 4.9%. Each market segment is affected by the outside world and the off-season , There have also been large fluctuations , Let's have a look together .

Car manufacturers : A lean camel is bigger than a horse


stay 7 In the monthly sales ranking of car manufacturers , The decline of Volkswagen brand is the most obvious . Restricted by chip and other factors , FAW Volkswagen fell year-on-year 36.6%, SAIC Volkswagen also has 19.8% The decline of , Monthly sales have just passed the 100000 mark , The gap with the third SAIC GM narrowed , But a skinny camel is bigger than a horse , Volkswagen even if sales fall , It is still a big brother in sales , Top of the list .

Car market : Langyi fell out of the top three


There are many things to see in the car market , Chip constraints , Langyi fell from the position of Wannian's second child , Xuanyi is still firmly on the champion's throne , Agatsuma MINI EV With super 3 Million data gods , Ranked second in the general list of cars , Better than Carola , Can be said to be “ Pure electric light ”“ The light of domestic goods ”. Lei Ling, Camry and Audi A6L The ranking of other models has been significantly improved , Teana is also rare on the list , This is mainly due to the poor overall sales data , So over 20000 models are relatively rare , Many models are rare on the list , It's kind of like pulling a big one out of a lame .

MPV market : Small volume and less fluctuation


MPV The field is better than cars and SUV In terms of market , The overall volume is small , Therefore, the impact of factors such as off-season is less , The overall fluctuation is not big , Consumers' choices are also relatively fixed , Wuling Hongguang is the first choice for domestic products , The joint venture is still Buick GL8, Wuling Kaijie and Rongwei iMAX8 And other new models also have relatively good sales feedback .

SUV field :RAV4 No sweet without sweat , Hao Yingchao CR-V


Hot SUV field , The harvard H6 Still firmly occupy the championship , The second is Toyota RAV4,TNGA The advantages of architecture are finally beginning to show ,RAV4 Monthly sales exceeding 2 ten thousand , take CR-V, Become a joint venture SUV First of all . Haoying moon pin 16263 car , Surpassing sister models for the first time CR-V. The number of independent brands has increased , BYD song ranked fourth , The red flag HS5 On the list , auchan X5 It's also a new face on the list , The harvard M6 Ranked 15th , Independent brands include 7 Places , Nearly half .

High end cars : Price reduction is the most effective


In the field of high-end cars, Audi A6L Won the championship ,5 The Department is in second place , There is a close relationship between the two 3 The gap of a thousand cars , Mercedes E Even Audi A6L I didn't get any change , One side is affected by the new car , One side is also chip restricted , The most important thing is that the price has no advantage . The only domestic high-end car on the list , The red flag H9 On the pin 2505 car , Eighth place .

High-grade SUV: Ideal ONE In the top three , Mercedes GLC tumbling


Many people say ideal ONE It's selling dog meat with sheep's head , But it turns out , At present, consumers in the market still have a high degree of recognition for it , At least sales reached 8589 car , Ranked third on the list . And in the BBA In the championship race , BMW X3 Obvious advantages , On the pin 15126 car , Get rid of the competing products , Mercedes GLC Monthly sales are only 5767 car , Compared with the same tumbling 64.7%, and GLB At the same level , There's a lot of volatility .

In the field of new energy : Foreign monks are not popular , Local models shine


Tesla in 7 Only one model was on the list in January ,Model 3 On the pin 6477 car , Year on year has 41.2% A significant decline in , Foreign monks are no longer so popular . On the contrary, local models shine , Like Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, It can be said to be a new generation of God car , In the off-season, there are super 3 Million monthly sales , Sit on the first throne , There is a clear sales gap with the second place . Ideal ONE He Xiaopeng P7 And BYD Han and other hot models also have good sales feedback .

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