Xiwan village, Ningyuan: 1500 mu of lotus produce "golden beans" to get rich

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xiwan village ningyuan mu lotus

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Wei Yinghui Luo Lixia Chen Yujie ) Since midsummer , Xiwan village, Jiuyishan Yao Township, Ningyuan county 1500 Acres of lotus flowers bloom one after another , Lotus seeds have also entered the mature picking period , Have a good harvest , The small lotus seeds have become the main source of employment and income increase for local villagers “ Golden beans ”.

Lotus planting base in Xiwan village ,60 Many lotus picking workers wear sun visors , Put on long water pants , Wrap yourself up , Shuttle through the crowded lotus leaves and skillfully pick the mature lotus canopy , Put it in your portable woven bag , Work hard at the end of the day , But the income is considerable .

“ Four and a half hours in the morning , Four hours in the afternoon , Anyway, come every day for a month , You can also earn two or three thousand yuan , Can take care of children , The family also manages big and small things well .” Lu Qiong, a member of the lotus picking team, said .

In the lotus seed processing plant , The villagers were busy sorting the harvested lotus pods 、 Peel 、 Airing 、 bake . Villager Li Xiuzhi mainly carries out lotus seed sorting here , Work is easier , Eight dollars an hour , Working overtime every day can earn hundreds of dollars .

“ So many people come to work in the village every day , Everybody grab some money , It's good .” Li Xiuzhi said happily .

Space lotus planted at the base , It's bigger than an ordinary lotus seed , And the flowering period is long , The picking time can be from 6 At the end of the month until 10 Mid month . According to the maturity of lotus seed, it can be processed into fruit lotus 、 White lotus 、 Red lotus and iron lotus , Among them, fruit lotus is the most fresh and tender , The taste is crisp , Slightly sweet and refreshing , It is the best fruit for nourishing yin and moistening lung , The market selling price per kilogram is 7 yuan , Orders are in short supply .

“ This year, we cooperate with e-commerce , Broaden the sales channels . On site, we take order sales , The daily sales volume is more than 10000 Jin . The products and sales prices of the base have increased over the previous years 30% above , This year's benefits are very good .” Zhang Yu, chairman of Ningyuan Yushun Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., said .

In recent years , Xiwan village in Ningyuan relies on Jiuyi mountain tourism and cultural resources and natural ecological resources , Vigorously introduce space lotus planting , Both bring fire to rural tourism , And let the surrounding villagers get employment nearby at the door of their home , Lead more villagers to become rich and well-off .

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