Ningyuan: Mao Zheng's research on cold chain food epidemic prevention and control

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Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Wei Yinghui Chen Yujie )8 month 11 On the afternoon of Sunday , Deputy Secretary of Ningyuan county Party committee 、 Acting as the county mayor Mao Zheng to investigate the cold chain food epidemic prevention and control , Deputy county magistrate Deng Xiaoying and the county government office 、 Persons in charge of market supervision bureau and other departments shall accompany or participate in the discussion .

Mao Zheng and his party successively came to Yifeng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd 、 KFC Ltd 、 Wanhua cold storage and other places , Carefully inspected the purchase and sales accounts of cold chain food of various enterprises 、 Storage environment 、 Disinfection certificate 、 Nucleic acid detection, etc , Learn more about enterprises in cold chain food transportation 、 Keep in storage 、 Preventive and control measures taken in the sales process .

At the Symposium , Relevant departments reported the current cold chain food epidemic prevention and control work in combination with their respective job responsibilities , And the next work plan .

Mao Zheng asked , Departments at all levels should be fully aware of the seriousness of the current epidemic prevention and control , Always be on high alert 、 Responsible status , We will resolutely overcome the paralytic thought and fluke mentality , We will earnestly grasp the work of normalized epidemic prevention and control ; We should fully understand the importance of cold chain food epidemic prevention and control , Work together , Perform one's duties , Strengthen the control of cold chain food and imported goods , Move the gate forward 、 every order is executed without fail , Strictly control food risks and hidden dangers in the cold chain ; We should resolutely do a solid and detailed epidemic prevention and control work , Focus on strengthening link management and control , Enhanced nucleic acid detection , Strengthen protection management , Really grasp the cold chain food epidemic prevention and control 、 Be strict 、 Tighten up , Contribute to the overall stability of epidemic prevention and control in the county .

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