Qiyang people's Procuratorate held a meeting to dispatch business work

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qiyang people procuratorate held meeting

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Lei Lichuan )8 month 11 Japan , Qiyang people's Procuratorate held a work scheduling meeting , summary 2021 Years of business work , Formulate next work measures . The meeting was presided over by the party secretary 、 Attorney general Cheng Hui presided over , Members of the leading group of the Institute and heads of various departments attended the meeting .

At the meeting , The heads of all departments reported in detail 2021 Work progress since , The existing problems and gaps are analyzed , Clear the direction of efforts , The next work measures are formulated . All leaders in charge shall combine their work , Carefully analyze the situation , Focus on the difficulties and problems encountered in the work , Research solutions .

Cheng Hui asked , We should pay close attention to business indicators , Carefully study and judge the assessment data , Formulate rectification objectives and measures for weak and blank items , Strive for an early breakthrough . Responsibility for compaction work , Comprehensive measures , Fully mobilize the subjective initiative of police officers , Form a strong force , Work together to promote the implementation of various tasks . Stick to the problem orientation , Fill up the short board with the strength that time can't wait , Do a good job in implementing , Promote procuratorial work to be advanced .

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