Six departments in Hunan jointly issued a document to promote consumer assistance

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departments hunan jointly issued document

On the spot of the commendation meeting of Hunan University consumption poverty alleviation marketing competition .

Red Net 8 month 12 - ( correspondent youhou ) In recent days, , Provincial Department of Commerce 、 provincial department of public education 、 Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau 、 Provincial SASAC 、 Provincial Culture and tourism department 、 Provincial Federation of trade unions, etc 6 The Department jointly issues documents , By giving play to the guiding role of the government , Highlight market orientation , Play the Industry Association 、 Advantages of social organizations such as chambers of Commerce , Guide Hunan Marketing Association to carry out consumption assistance marketing competition , We will continue to promote the consumption of products and services in poverty-stricken areas , Promote the formation of a pattern of consumption assistance and the participation of the whole society .

The document proposes incentives , The organization, launching and award-winning situation of relevant departments of the city and prefecture will be used as a reference for the year-end evaluation of consumption assistance work of various departments . All relevant colleges and universities shall recognize the individual awards of students in the consumption assistance marketing competition as the credits of relevant courses 、 A reference for selecting and commending outstanding graduates , Universities and Colleges 、 Enterprises and institutions shall evaluate and employ individual awards in the consumer assistance marketing competition as professional titles 、 Reference for year-end evaluation of employees .

Liu Jian, Secretary General of the provincial Marketing Association, introduced , We will give full play to the resource and ecological advantages of agricultural and sideline products in poverty alleviation areas , Take the consumer assistance marketing competition as an important measure for social organization services to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization , We suggest that party and government organs at all levels 、 State owned enterprises, institutions and all sectors of society actively participate in consumer assistance actions .

on-line , Relying on the country “ Poverty alleviation 832”、 Taobao Mall 、 Zhongqing home wechat applet and other e-commerce 、 The new media 、 The information platform promotes the sale of agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas . Offline , Mobilize colleges and Universities 、 State owned enterprises and institutions carry out offline exhibition activities in areas with large flow of people , Mobilize students 、 workers 、 People in surrounding communities buy agricultural and sideline products . Buy help products for all sectors of society 、 Facilitate participation in consumer assistance activities .

meanwhile , We will organize the procurement of anti-poverty products , Direct selling mechanism for directional direct supply 、 School 、 Hospitals, canteens of enterprises and institutions and other activities . Mobilize trade union organizations at all levels to organize trade union members to give priority to purchasing and consuming products and tourism services in poverty alleviation areas under the same conditions in accordance with relevant regulations .

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