Chaling: the front line of epidemic prevention blooming youth strength Exhibition

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chaling line epidemic prevention blooming

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Liu Guangling Hu Pengfei ) Facing the epidemic situation , In the Organization Department of Chaling county Party Committee 、 At the call of Chaling county Party committee of the Communist Youth League , A group of new party members 、 The new youth gave up their holidays 、 Take the initiative to , Incarnated volunteers help prevent epidemic in the whole county , To contribute to the fight against epidemic diseases .

New youth burn youth blood

Duan Xiyan 、 Tan Huijian 、 Tan Longfei participated in this year's summer social practice activities for college students in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces , Arrange internship in Hukou town government , The epidemic disrupted the plan of practical activities , Look at the town 、 Village cadres fight day and night , They also asked to participate in epidemic prevention , Become an epidemic prevention informant in Hukou town .

Considering that most government cadres go deep into the front-line epidemic prevention of villages and groups during the day , Lack of manpower for daily information summary and table data submission , The town leader arranged 3 The person in charge shall be responsible for the summary and submission of epidemic prevention information . Although it's behind the scenes , But they are highly motivated , With warm blood , Treat the work carefully , Carefully proofread the collected information data , I'm busy from morning to night and don't feel tired . College students are very good at using office software , Use the formula to quickly filter 、 lookup 、 Calculate the data , Work efficiency has been greatly improved , It's like “ Small pro ”.

“ We don't work hard , Compared with doctors on the front line 、 Traffic police and cadres , What we do is only a small part .”“ As probationary party members and activists , It is also right to do our part during the epidemic .”

In the face of everyone's praise ,3 A college student is a little embarrassed , Now they strongly demand to participate in the front line of epidemic prevention , In the scorching sun and heat, sprinkle the sweat of youth .

Gather information in the office .

New youth show innovation as

Chen Jialin 、 Tan Jiewu 、 Ma Liying is a college student in yaolu town , After seeing the recruitment order of young volunteers for epidemic prevention and control issued by the Youth League and county Party Committee , Take the initiative to contact and sign up , Became the epidemic prevention propagandist of yaolu town .

During the day, they walk the streets in the market town to distribute epidemic prevention knowledge materials , Persuade the villagers to go out and wear masks , Go back to the office in the evening ——“ Epidemic prevention editorial department ” Collate the contents of official account and video number . Facing the severe situation , Young college students use their brains 、 innovative thinking , Think of making dialect version of epidemic prevention videos to strengthen epidemic prevention publicity . Do as you say , After drawing up the video script, they immediately went to each village to collect materials 、 What to shoot . Just a day , They finished shooting the video 、 Editing and Publishing , Convey epidemic prevention knowledge in dialect , issue “ There is no need to return home on the Zhongyuan Festival ” Initiatives .

“ In the village , The spread and acceptance of dialects are higher , You can also mobilize villagers' friends to turn to their own family groups .”“ This kind of publicity has a wide range of dissemination 、 Easy to accept .”

Talking about dialect epidemic prevention video ,3 There is a full sense of achievement on his face . In a matter of 2 The number of small video hits in a day reached 4 Ten thousand times , There is a heated discussion in the wechat groups of villages in yaolu town , It has achieved twice the result with half the effort .

Chen Jialin et al 3 People make dialect version of epidemic prevention videos .

The new youth interpret the performance of their duties

Zhou Shuang 、 Zhou yukuan 、 Zhou Xuan and Yin Pengxiang are college students in Fufang Township , When I saw the town and village cadres go deep into the farmers' homes to touch the returning personnel , They volunteered to participate in epidemic prevention and control , He became the epidemic prevention attendant of Fufang Township .

4 The person in charge is responsible for the duty of the inspection point in Dizhou village, Fufang Township , The detection point is located at 061 On the main road , It's the main crossing into the township , Vehicles come and go every day 100 More than a , The workload is the heaviest in Fufang Township . Hot summer , They arrive on time every day , In the morning 7 Point to night 9 Always stick to your post , Ask about the information of the people coming to the countryside in detail , Take your temperature 、 Check the health code and trip code , And register . Meet the market day , In the morning 5 At half past ten, their figure appeared at the detection point , Persuade villagers and business owners not to go to the market , Each household only allows one person to purchase necessary living materials .

“ It's nothing , We just want to do something .”“ It was you who protected us , Now it's our turn to .” When asked why he participated in voluntary epidemic prevention , This is their simple answer . Simple language 、 Firm behavior writes the responsibility of youth , It explains how to stick to the post responsibility .

Be on duty at the detection point .

The sun is burning ,“ Epidemic disease ” No turning back . College students take the initiative to devote themselves to the epidemic prevention and control work in their hometown . Up to now , Chaling County has 200 More than students took the initiative to participate in epidemic prevention and control . They built a beautiful scenery on the epidemic prevention and control front with their youth and dedication , Bloom youth in the epidemic prevention battlefield , Show the responsibility of youth with persistence and enthusiasm .

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