Double card: shining "a touch of red" in epidemic prevention and control

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double card shining touch red

< strong > red net time, August 12 < / strong > (correspondent he mi) on August 11, more than 20 staff members of the Publicity Department of Shuangpai County Party committee and the Rural Revitalization team of the network information office of the provincial Party committee wore red waistcoats, incarnated as epidemic prevention and control publicity volunteers, and actively carried out epidemic prevention and control investigation and registration, new crown vaccination and epidemic prevention knowledge publicity with village cadres, Practice the original mission with practical actions and become a beautiful "red" in the war of epidemic prevention and control

Early in the morning, volunteers came to xiadeng village, Longbo town and divided into five groups to carry out "pull net" household investigation of the whole village. In each household, volunteers have an in-depth understanding of the actual situation of villagers' vaccination, patiently explain the vaccination policy for villagers, publicize the importance and necessity of vaccination, and improve the awareness rate of the masses; Guide the school-age population who have not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine to vaccinate as soon as possible, popularize the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, and form a model of "publicity while walking, one touch and one row"

"I haven't been vaccinated yet, because I've heard that I can't vaccinate or fight because my blood pressure is high. I'm old now. It's certain that my blood pressure is high, and I'm taking medicine recently, so I don't dare to fight." Liu Jimei, 66, said

Volunteers learned from the Mopai that some old people like Liu Jimei misunderstood that they could not be vaccinated because they were "old", "sick", "taking medicine", "don't know whether they can be vaccinated" and didn't understand the vaccination policy

To this end, the volunteers patiently communicated with these people, explained the relevant requirements and precautions for vaccination, and gradually dispelled their concerns. After learning that a doctor would come to the village committee activity center to vaccinate them, Liu Jimei said: "thank you for explaining the national policy for me. I will consult the doctor and vaccinate them as soon as possible. Please rest assured."

At present, it is very important to enhance people's understanding of the epidemic. The volunteers not to mind taking the trouble of leave no household, no one behind. They would like to talk about the dangers of COVID-19 to the masses, so that the masses can correctly understand the effectiveness and safety of the new crown vaccination, do a good job of publicity and mobilization and vaccination, ensure that the masses should know the best and know that they should follow up the rules and do not leak a single person. p>

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