Reflux gastritis these symptoms are very common, daily diet should follow two principles

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reflux gastritis symptoms common daily

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Shu Li ) In the last two months , Xiaomin from Changsha ( alias ) Always feel bloated 、 belching 、 Anti acid , The whole person is very uncomfortable , After coming to Changsha Dongda anorectal Hospital for gastroscopy , He was diagnosed with reflux gastritis .

Yu Rengui, a gastroenterologist at Changsha Dongda anorectal Hospital, said , Reflux gastritis is bile reflux gastritis , It is a unique type of gastritis , It is a kind of stomach disease with high incidence rate in clinic . Its etiology is mainly due to pyloric sphincter dysfunction or gastric pyloric surgery 、 Pancreatic juice and other duodenal contents flow into the stomach , Cause inflammation of gastric mucosa 、 Erosion or bleeding , Weaken the barrier function of gastric mucosa , And cause chronic lesions in the gastric mucosa . Reflux gastritis occurs , Patients often have the following symptoms :

1、 Abdominal distension

Manifested as abdominal fullness and discomfort , Continuous burning sensation in the middle and upper abdomen , It can also be manifested as retrosternal pain , It can be aggravated after meals .

2、 Heartburn

There is a burning sensation in the stomach , Even some patients have a burning sensation in their esophagus , Often accompanied by belching 、 Anti acid 、 nausea 、 vomiting 、 Bowel sounds 、 Poor defecation 、 Loss of appetite and weight loss .

3、 vomiting

Due to impaired gastric emptying , Vomiting usually occurs at night or midnight , Some patients may have blood in their vomit .

4、 Gastric bleeding

Patients with severe bile reflux gastritis will also have symptoms of gastric bleeding , Some patients have black stools ( Tarry stool ), Others vomit blood .

Yu Rengui suggested , Patients with reflux gastritis should pay attention to diet regulation at ordinary times , There are two principles to follow in daily diet :

1、 Diet with low fat 、 Rich in protein

Eat light , Eat less greasy food , If the fat content in food is too high, it will seriously stimulate the secretion of cholecystokinin , It also leads to a decrease in the tension of the lower esophageal sphincter , It will cause various discomfort symptoms to people with reflux gastritis . At the same time, pay attention to eat more food rich in protein , This kind of food can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and gastrin , Gastrin can increase the tension of the lower esophageal sphincter , So as to effectively inhibit gastroesophageal reflux .

2、 Avoid spicy and irritant food

In the diet , Patients with bile reflux gastritis should try to avoid eating irritating food , Like pepper 、 Sichuan Pepper 、 Curry 、 Strong tea 、 liquor 、 Espresso, etc , So as not to stimulate the gastric mucosa .

Changsha Dongda anorectal Hospital reminds , Such as frequent abdominal distension , There is a burning sensation in the stomach 、 belching 、 Anti acid 、 nausea 、 Vomiting and other reflux gastritis symptoms , You should go to a professional hospital as soon as possible , In addition to active treatment , You should also pay attention to adjusting your diet and lifestyle , Prevent and control the onset of disease .

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