Ouyang Jingyun, a teacher in Tianyuan District, won the title of national "star teacher of drug control"

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ouyang jingyun teacher tianyuan district

Ouyang Jingyun .

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Tan Wenying ) recently , Qingjiao's second class is a famous anti drug teacher TALK“ An anti drug class ” The results of the collection are announced , Ouyang Jingyun, a teacher of Tianyuan middle school in Tianyuan District, won the National Award “ Anti drug star teacher ” The title of .

Ouyang Jingyun teaches 《 The spring of life , How can drugs trample on 》 lesson , Select the laughing gas that middle school students may be exposed to 、 Top electronic cigarette 、 Meth, three drugs , Through rich and vivid cases 、 A self-report of a drug addict family 、 Intuitive and visual explanation of popular science , It maximizes the impact of drugs on individuals 、 Great harm to family and society , For middle school students who are vulnerable to drugs , It provides a vivid lesson on drug identification 、 Recognizing poison 、 Antitoxic 、 Anti drug publicity and education class .

The class is highly targeted 、 Rich cases 、 Effective educational effect, etc , In layers of selection , Highly recognized by experts , From all over the country 92 Stand out in the selected course , Become a nation “ Anti drug star teacher ”30 Strong one .

In recent years , Youth drug prevention education in Tianyuan District is in full swing , And integrate into the reform of educational evaluation in the new era 、 Improve the quality of teachers 、 The cultivation of students' comprehensive quality 、 Education supervision and evaluation , adopt “ Create an anti drug atmosphere in schools 、 Teachers' anti drug education, learning, discussion and training 、 Hair drug testing for public officials 、 Students' anti drug experience activities ” And other powerful measures , For teachers and students to build a solid campus drug resistance “ A firewall ”.

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