Foreign media: the innovative electric vehicle battery joint venture between Ford and SK will expand to Europe

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foreign media innovative electric vehicle

【TechWeb】8 month 12 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Wednesday local time , A Ford executive said , Ford and SK Innovative EV battery joint venture will expand to Europe .


before , In this year 5 month 20 Japan , Industry sources said ,SK Innovation and Ford will set up a battery joint venture in the United States , To ensure the stable supply of electric vehicle batteries . Now , The two companies have reached a memorandum of understanding on the joint venture .

Also this year 5 month , Ford said , To 2025 year , It will increase its investment in electric vehicles by about 80 Billion dollars , From this year 2 Announced in January 220 Billion dollars to 300 Billion dollars . Besides , The company expects , To 2030 year , Among the cars sold are 40% It will be an electric car .

SK The predecessor of innovation is the first oil refinery in Korea 、 Chemical enterprises —— Korea petroleum , It is the third largest enterprise group in South Korea SK The group (SK Group) Its battery production subsidiary , The company's businesses include oil development 、 oil refining 、 chemical 、 Lubricants and future energy industries .

Last month, , The company agreed to pay 2 Trillions of the won (17.8 Billion dollars ), Solve its problems with local competitors 、LG Chemical subsidiary LG Battery disputes between energy solutions .( Little fox )