Third wave automation, an automatic forklift company, raised $40 million in round B financing

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wave automation automatic forklift company

third wave automation

Third Wave 2018 Founded in Silicon Valley . According to the TechCrunch reports , The two co founders are CEO Arshan Poursohi( I was in Sun and Google Work , R & D director of Toyota Research Institute ), Roboticists Mac Mason(Duke Robot doctor , Worked in Google And Toyota Research Institute ). Besides , And another co-founder and predecessor CTOJames Davidson, This year, 5 In June, he founded another robot company Talos.

Norwest Venture Partners Lead investment (Matt Howard), Previous investors Innovation Endeavors, Eclipse And Toyota VCs .Third Wave Has been and City accounts for the highest Toyota reached a strategic cooperation , Jointly develop automatic forklift truck . before Norwest and Eclipse Invested warehouse robot company 6 River Systems( The founders are Kiva Executives at )2019 By the Shopify With 4.5 US $100 million acquisition .

Technical aspects :

  • use 3D LiDAR perception , There is no need to guide the path and plan in advance .
  • Through the so-called “Shared Autonomy”, In case of situation, the robot can call the background operator , One operator can manage... At a time 10 More than machines .
  • Continuous learning , The last time a robot couldn't handle , The next time all robots meet again, they will learn .
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