Ford made a big move, and the EVOS of "one eye into the soul" came

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ford big evos eye soul

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A report from the car gourd circle

We say that a brand wants long-term development , There needs to be inheritance . Whether it's the brand culture deep into the bone marrow , It's still the highest technical concept , They are all inherited and polished by generations , To create .

But learn to follow the trend , Equally important .

Different times , People have different ways to survive . stay 90 years , As long as you dare to take off your uniform and go into business , Large probability can realize the geometric growth of wealth ;2000 Beginning of the year , In the real estate industry “ Golden decade ”, And created a large number of wealth myths ; Then , We have ushered in the Internet wave again 、 We media wave 、 Wave after wave, such as the wave of intelligence , Everyone who knows how to follow the trend and seize the opportunity “ Fashionable guy ”, All became famous under the dividend of the times .

And for car companies , In today's year, a breakthrough 、 Innovation every two years 、 Change every five years 、 In a subversive market environment once a decade , It's too important to learn to follow the trend .

Among them , Some car companies have the sharpest sense of business , But the lack of brand heritage is one of their main troughs in the coming decades , For example, Tesla and the new domestic car building forces ; While some car companies have profound brand culture and historical heritage , But in capturing “ General trend ” There is a difference in speed and execution , Most traditional car companies are like this .

But now , There is such a brand , They have “ Century old shop ” Brand heritage , Also have the determination to follow the trend . And prove that they have the result of their determination to follow the trend , Changan Ford, which appeared at this year's Shanghai Auto Show EVOS.

“ Century old shop ” Brand heritage

Although Changan Ford was founded only 20 year , But from a historical point of view , Both parties of the joint venture, whether Chang'an , Or Ford , It's all true “ Century old shop ”.

Ford doesn't have to say , It plays a similar role in the development of human automobile industry “ Paver ” Role . As early as 1908 year , Ford launched “ The first car built for ordinary people in history ”——T cars , And in 1913 Year open “ Production line car making ” Time , Since then, the car has really become one of the important means of transportation for mankind ;1932 year , Ford built the world's first V8 The engine ;1948 year , ford F Series pickup was born , What people like to see now “ raptor ” It's from the series . At Ford 100 Years of development history , Created too many “ for the first time ”, It can be said to be a “ Put wheels on the world ” A great enterprise ; meanwhile , The predecessor of Chang'an Automobile, Shanghai Foreign artillery Bureau, was as early as 19 It has been founded since the middle of the century , So far, it has surpassed 150 year .

So from the perspective of brand inheritance , Changan Ford is absolutely “ Seniority ”. And the brand inheritance of the two sides of the joint venture for hundreds of years , Let Changan Ford bring us one classic product after another .

The first generation of domestic Mondeo has brought fresh blood to the domestic market , In the first year of listing, it won “ Car of the year ” Awards , Let people know that not all medium-sized cars are like maiteng 、 Camry's business atmosphere is overwhelming .

After fox made it in China, it is even more “ Bloodbath ” Domestic sedan market , Become the Enlightenment of countless young people to sports cars . At the time ,“ God car ” Civic had to shout when he saw fox “ eldest brother ”.

Later, there was an upsurge of SUV boom , Domestic winged tigers also take the of Ford cross-country family “Tough The spirit of ” Come to us , Become compact SUV One of the protagonists in the market .

Throughout the models produced by Changan Ford , From the classic car of the past to the new car of today , Almost all leave people with strong product power 、 A good word of mouth , This is the result of the combination of Ford's Centennial car making technology and Chang'an's decades of experience in deeply cultivating the domestic market .

But at the same time , Changan Ford also realized , Want to further consolidate its position in the market , And learn to follow the trend .

A glance into the soul “ Potential energy aesthetics ”

For Changan Ford at this stage , We should seize the present stage of “ potential ”, Obviously, the existing models alone are not enough .

It's not that these cars have poor product power , But in this new power, car companies continue to occupy people's minds 、 Cross border cars have sprung up one after another 、 The era when traditional car companies strive to subvert , The most fundamental demand of consumers for cars has changed from the past “ Substantial and durable 、 High cost performance ” Turned into “ New trend 、 Technology 、 different ”. In addition, the mobile network era makes the access to information unprecedented convenient , Increasingly impetuous people have a physiological rejection of everything that can't bring freshness .

therefore , Changan Ford urgently needs a model that can bring a strong sense of freshness , therefore EVOS It was born. .

At this year's Shanghai Auto Show , Although there are countless heavy new cars , But for the first time EVOS Still attracted people's attention . Why? ? Because the first time you see it , Will be unconsciously attracted .

No matter from which angle , ford EVOS It's not a very traditional model . Actually “ transboundary ” The concept of is not new now , There are a lot of sedan cars on the market SUV It has made people have aesthetic fatigue for such models .

Because at present, most of the so-called sedan cars SUV Not developed independently , Instead, it is transformed from the original traditional models . In fact, it can also be understood , After all, the sedan SUV Originator —— BMW X6, Also in BMW X5 Developed on the basis of .

So most of the so-called sedan cars we see now SUV, It looks like “ High chassis car ”, A long tail juts out from behind , With the towering wheel arch and chassis , It's awkward to look at . The intention is to do cross-border integration , But it shows a strong sense of separation .

Actually, for designers , Design a car with coordinated proportion SUV It is not difficult to , But it also means that the design of the original model has to be pushed back , At the same time, we have to reopen the mold , The whole development cost will be greatly increased . Considering the car running SUV Generally, it is only used as a supplement to its product series , Not of great strategic significance , Therefore, few manufacturers will take great pains to build such models .

Make complaints about Audi A7L And Peugeot 508L, It's the same thing . It's not that people don't want to look good , But this thing is really hard to do . However, considering that the rear space of the standard axle model can not meet the needs of Chinese people , Neither lengthening nor , So there's such a thing .

however EVOS You don't have to think about it at all , Because it is a new model developed independently , The designer can give full play to his talent and imagination , No restrictions .

So we see EVOS The body proportion is very unique , It's better than an ordinary sedan SUV Lower posture 、 More slender , The roof curve is also smoother , No at all “ The ass of the car was slashed ” Sense of being alike , The whole design is coordinated .

In addition to the details , We can also see the Ford family's iconic hexagonal grille , And the interior of the lamp group continues from Mustang Models of “ Three bars ”, This is inheritance .

And with breathing effect “ A parameterized 3D Grid scales ”、 And the scale design elements of the tail lamp and the lower enclosure , It's innovation .

Cross border styling 、 Split headlights 、 Design of through type daytime running lamp , It's a trend . Ford will EVOS Our design language is called “ Potential energy aesthetics ”, Is to show a smart and powerful posture . But in my opinion , The essence of this design language is to do “ Classic elements ”、“ Innovative design ”、“ Popular trend ” The organic combination of the three .

It is worth mentioning that ,EVOS It is the first car to use potential energy Aesthetics , The second is likely to be the new Mondeo . however ,EVOS For the Chinese market , In other words, Ford took the lead in using their latest design language in a “ Chinese cars ” On , This should be the first of all joint venture brands to do so .

Intelligent technology re evolution

Pursue a sense of Technology 、 Intellectualization is also an important aspect of today's consumer car purchase “ General trend ”. Today's new cars , If there is no decent intelligent technology, I'm embarrassed to go on the market . Whether it's the public 、 A traditional giant like GM , Or the Great Wall 、 changan 、 Geely and other independent brands , All changed to create 、 How smart it is to package your car . And like Wei Lai 、 Xiao Peng and other new forces making cars, let alone , Intelligence is equivalent to their “ The lifeblood ”.

And as a “ Ford China 2.0” The first strategic product of ,EVOS There must be a breakthrough in intelligence , Otherwise it won't be called “ For those routes ” 了 . But now everyone is doing it , ford EVOS What's better than them ?

First ,EVOS Equipped with Ford's first virtual artificial intelligence assistant ——VPA Zhixing partner , That is, this expressive “ Little blue man ”. It supports 70 A variety of semantic classes , Can cover more than 90% Car scene , You can communicate with users with facial expressions 、 Feeling 、 Thoughtful communication . For example, when users say :“ i am hungry ”, It will respond with enthusiasm , And recommend the hotel with the highest score nearby , It seems that “ mind-reading ” equally , So as to get rid of the mechanical feeling and ice cold feeling of artificial intelligence .

and , Ford has another “ The ultimate weapon ”——C-V2X technology . This is a vehicle road cooperation technology , What's the use of it ?

For example, when we usually drive , Often because you can't predict the time of traffic lights ahead , And miss the green light , Can only stop in place and wait . Worse , The traffic lights at some intersections don't show the time at all , This is even more annoying . And carrying C-V2X Technology vehicles can display traffic light information ahead , So that we can predict in advance when driving .

Another example is that some people like to look at their mobile phones when waiting for a red light , Or there's something urgent to deal with , At this time, it's easy to forget to observe the traffic lights , It wasn't until the car in the rear whistled loudly . Not only delay time , Serious may also lead to road rage . And with the green light start reminder function , Can help us avoid making such mistakes . When V2X After the popularization of Technology , In the world “ Road rage ” And less and less .

Although this technology requires a high level of communication infrastructure , At present, only Changsha and Wuxi have such conditions in China , But this must be a major trend in the future , Will be popularized all over the world . Changan Ford, as the first in China, will C-V2X Automobile enterprises applying mass production technology , This technology is also applied to EVOS On the body .

Other intelligent configurations , for example AR Live navigation 、 Face recognition 、 Split screen operation 27 " 4K Dalian screen, etc , Any one of them can be used as an important publicity point by other models , stay EVOS It has become a basic operation .

The interior design is more “ China ”

Another major feature of Chinese candidate cars is the harsh pursuit of interior quality , Because it has been handed down for thousands of years “ Family culture ” It deeply affects every Chinese , We hope the space in the car can be as warm as home 、 delicate 、 comfortable . At the same time, because independent brand models often show very strong competitiveness in interior texture , This has also led to the continuous improvement of consumers' interior standards .

Based on this ,EVOS The design team previously stressed “ Pay great attention to the interior quality of this car ”.

And this sense of quality is not reflected in the most conspicuous 1.1 Meters on the super long screen , But in the details . The first is color matching , We are EVOS Several orange embellishments can be seen in the interior of the , Appears on the steering wheel 、 Central control area 、 The seat 、 Door plank , Even in the rearview mirror . No less , Just right . Too much is messy , Too little and no effect .

among ,EVOS The design of the rear-view mirror is very interesting . Look from the outside , This rearview mirror is a two-color mosaic ( In order to match the two-color body design ), From the inside of the car, it is orange consistent with the sewing line in the car . Although this is not a design that requires a high cost , But it reflects the ingenuity of the design team .

Besides , The interior of the car is full of and appearance “ Squama ” Hexagonal stitching with design elements , It not only increases the exquisite feeling in the car , It also further strengthens the unity of interior and exterior design . In particular, the stitches on the seat are also gradient treated , I can see that the designer really has his heart .

At the end

2019 year 4 month , Ford China released “2.0 Strategic plan ” And a new slogan “ Even more , More Chinese ”. Actually , Be similar to “ In China, , For China ”、“ more xx, More Chinese ” Such a slogan , In recent years, joint venture car enterprises have shouted , Because everyone knows that the Chinese market is the future “ General trend ”. Want not to be eliminated or develop better , We should follow the trend . But we can do our best to create a product in a nearly subversive way “ Chinese cars ” Joint venture car enterprises , At present, only Changan Ford .

So enjoy this “ The highest treatment ” Of EVOS, Can it meet the expectations of Changan Ford ? It remains to be seen about motivation 、 To configure 、 Further disclosure of price and other information can be known . But to be sure , Changan Ford really “all in” 了 .

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