be careful! These 8 new cars should be "scholar art" in the Ministry of industry and information technology

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careful new cars scholar art

not long ago , With regret , We received the news of the extension of Chengdu auto show , A car feast originally to be held , I don't know when to wait , I believe you are the same as the author , Will feel a little lost .

however , Fortunately, the Ministry of industry and information technology has released the latest batch of product publicity , There are many heavy new cars , While feast your eyes , It can also slightly alleviate the sense of loss caused by the delay of Chengdu auto show . today , The author selects one of them 8 The most noteworthy new car , For everyone to buy a car to provide some reference .

1. changan UNI-V

changan UNI What is the biggest feature of the series ? Beauty, of course , In especial UNI-T, It can be called the same level of appearance ceiling . however , This set of “ Borderless ” Design language , Previously, it was only used in SUV models , If it can be used in cars , Then its beauty advantage will be further amplified . see ,UNI The first car in the series UNI-V Is coming .

According to declaration information ,UNI-V The length, width and height of the car body are 4680x1838x1430mm, Wheelbase reached 2750mm, It's bigger than escape , Belong to A+ Class sedan . Power on , The new car is equipped with blue whale 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 138kW, With the second generation CS55 PLUS The engine is the same , It's from the Chang'an family “ The strongest 1.5T”.

It is worth mentioning that , stay UNI-V In the declaration chart , We also saw the configuration of electric tail , This is very rare in models of the same class , It should be very windy .

2. SAIC Audi Q5 e-tron

Although FAW - Volkswagen almost takes up Audi's fuel car resources , But for SAIC Audi , They also have a lot to do on electric cars , For example, the latest domestic version Q5 e-tron. Although the name sounds like Audi Q5L Of “ Oil to electricity ” edition , But in fact, this is based on MEB New models created by the platform .

▲ audi Q4 e-tron

You can see from its appearance , With Audi Q5L Is not the same , It's a bit like Audi, which has been listed in Europe Q4 e-tron, This may represent Audi pure electric SUV Future design style .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4876x1860x1675mm, The wheelbase is 2965mm, Body length and wheelbase are the same as Volkswagen ID.6 X Exactly the same , It belongs to medium and large SUV.

Power on , The new car provides two power versions of rear drive models , And a dual motor 4WD model , The maximum power is respectively 132kW、150kW、230kW.

3. Roewe whale

Roewe whale is a brand new product launched by Roewe brand SUV models , It can be seen that the appearance of the new car is similar to that of Roewe now RX The series is very different , It adopts a new design language , The front face does look like a whale , Very discerning . Besides , The car is also the first to use zebra Zhixing Tianbao AI Platform models , It is expected to have a good performance in intelligence .

The length, width and height of the new car are 4702 x1903 x1691mm, Wheelbase reached 2765mm, Than RX5 MAX A little bigger , But it's still compact SUV. motivation , At the same time provide 1.5T and 2.0T The engine , The maximum power is 133kW and 170kW.

4. Haval beast hybrid version

not long ago , Harvard brand is brand new SUV Officially named “ Mythical Animals ”. And this car actually has a hybrid version , This time it appeared in the product publicity of the Ministry of industry and information technology . It can be seen that , The appearance of the hybrid version is basically the same as that of the fuel version , There is only a difference in the body color , Added some lemon embellishment , This is similar to Harvard H6 The hybrid version is a bit like .

The length, width and height of the new car are 4780 x1890 x1675mm, The wheelbase 2800mm, The size is close to medium SUV. motivation , It carries the latest lemon of the Great Wall DHT Hybrid system . among ,1.5T Maximum engine power 113kW, Unknown motor parameters .

5. chery QQ ice cream

In recent years , The market for micro electric vehicles is very good , Although Chery has deployed the small ant model in this field , But because of its high price , Follow Hongguang in sales MINI EV There is still a big gap . And the Chery launched this time QQ ice cream , There are more opportunities to challenge “ Wuling shenche ”.

The length, width and height of the new car are 2980 x1496 x1637mm, The wheelbase 1960mm, Carrying maximum power 20kW Motor and lithium iron phosphate battery . It can be seen that , Regardless of body size , Or power configuration , chery QQ Ice cream is running towards Hongguang MINI EV Yes .

6. Geely emgrand L

at present , Geely has laid out imperial in the field of compact cars 、 emgrand GL、 Bean, 、 Xingruigong 4 models . Soon , The first 5 The money is coming , It's Imperial L. emgrand L The more colorful your front face is 、 Staryue and so on SUV The models are very similar , The latest straight waterfall grille of the family is not adopted , This design makes it different from the fourth generation Dihao in appearance , It's not easy to confuse .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4735x1815x1478mm, The wheelbase 2700mm. among , The body height and wheelbase are the same as those of Dihao GL It's exactly the same . Power on , emgrand L Also used with Imperial GL With the money 1.4T The engine , The most powerful 104kW. Comprehensive body size and dynamic parameters , emgrand L High probability is Imperial GL Successor models .

7. BYD F5

BYD F Series models have been discontinued for many years , Once the F0、F3、F6 They are very important products in BYD's development process , But now it has been e Series replaced . however F5 Appearance , Let BYD re “ resurrection ” 了 F series .

BYD F5 Your front face looks fresh , Similar designs, whether in the dynasty series or in e Not in the series , Like “Dragon Face” Of “ variant ”, But it looks sharper than before 、 The dynamic .

The tail light design of the new car is also full of details , The interior has design elements that echo the front face , Rich visual effects . The length, width and height of the car are 4780x1837x1495mm, The wheelbase is 2718mm. Except for the body length , Other dimensions are the same as Qin PLUS DM-i cut from the same cloth .

As can be seen from the tail mark , New cars will carry DM-i Hybrid system , 100km acceleration time 7.9 second . According to declaration information , It will use 1.5L Combination of engine and motor , Maximum engine power 81kW, This parameter is also similar to Qin PLUS DM-i Agreement .

8. Domestic Infiniti QX60

SAIC GM Cadillac XT6 Appearance , It can be said that it has opened up medium and large luxury brands SUV The pioneer of localization . And this year , BMW X5 The news that it will be made in China has also been confirmed . however , There's another car , Than domestic BMW X5 First of all , It is the domestic version of Infiniti QX60.

And delicate looking QX50 Different , infiniti QX60 The appearance of the is more thick 、 Crude mania , It shows a medium and large SUV There should be an aura .

The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5127x2005x1767mm, The wheelbase 2900mm. As can be seen from the tail mark , The new car is not named with “L”, The size should be the same as that of overseas models . motivation , The new car will be equipped with Teana 、QX50 With the money 2.0T Variable compression ratio engine , The engine models are KR20, The most powerful 185kW.

At the end :

Have to say , The new car of the Ministry of industry and information technology really didn't disappoint people , Almost every car is a hot model that everyone pays close attention to . I believe with the arrival of these new cars , The domestic car market will be more and more lively .

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