New Mercedes Benz class a road test spy photos exposed or cancelled Renault 1.3t engine

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new mercedes benz class road

recently , The driving line of sight obtained a group of new Mercedes Benz from relevant channels A Class overseas road test spy photos . Compared with the current models on sale , The appearance and interior of the new car will be upgraded in detail . At the same time, it was reported that , The new car will be equipped with a four cylinder turbocharged engine made by Geely , Replacing Renault 1.3T The engine .

aesthetic , Medium term change to Mercedes Benz A Level 1 doesn't use much camouflage , Front grille only 、 The tail lights and the rear surround are covered with camouflage . therefore , We speculate that the design of these three places will be adjusted . Besides , The new car also uses multiple banner rims , Compared with the previous five frame design, it is more introverted .

motivation , It is reported that the new car will cancel Renault's 1.3T The engine , Instead, it was made by Geely 1.5T Four cylinder turbocharged engine . Besides , After the new car goes on sale, it may be launched 48V Light mix and PHEV Plug in hybrid system .

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