Geely's 4th generation imperial now has pre-sale orders of more than 10000!

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geely 4th th generation imperial

not long ago , Gilidi 4 Open pre-sale on behalf of Dihao . By 8 month 8 Japan , Dihao's pre-sale orders have exceeded 1 ten thousand , The average 4 Sold in minutes 3 New cars . And the driving line of sight was learned from the official , Geely officially added 5000 A total value 2500 Ten thousand yuan “ Upward red envelope gift ”, Continue to feed back to users . It is worth mentioning that , The first 4 Dai Dihao has now arrived at dealers everywhere , Interested consumers can go to the store to experience .

As the first imperial family based on BMA A car built by Architecture , The first 4 Dai Dihao also adopted the Geely family 4.0 Design , The front face is polygonal grille , The interior is a straight waterfall medium network , The front enclosure uses a three-stage opening , This design and Geely Xingrui 、 The more stars L With high similarity .

The body side , The first 4 Dai Dihao's side lines are simple and smooth , It's officially called the sharp ridge waist line running through the sky , From the front to the rear . In the tail , The new car adopts a through tail lamp group , Officials call it the sky through rhythmic tail light . It is worth mentioning that , Black diffuser decoration is also added under the rear enclosure of the new car , Make the visual effect more moving .

interiors , The new car adopts a relatively simple and high-grade color agent style , Provide a three spoke flat bottomed multifunction steering wheel 、12.3 Inch LCD instrument 、10.25 Inch suspended central control LCD . In other configurations , The new car will also provide keyless entry 、 One button start 、 Sensing tailgate 、CN95 Air conditioning filter element 、GKUI Vehicle intelligent networking system, etc .

In terms of size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4638/1820/1460mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm. motivation , The new car will carry a model of JLC-4G15B Of 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is 114 horsepower . Transmission system , The new car is matched CVT transmission .

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